CAD / CAM – Software controlled CNC Profile Cutting Maschines

Our thermal 3D profile cutting machines are available in the RB Compact, RB Classic, RB Heavy-Duty and PB Robo series. The machines of the RB Compact, RB Classic, RB Heavy-Duty series intended essentially for round pipes operate with macro-controlled software. This means that the machines can be quickly programmed online, offline or via CAD/CAM modules for the profiles to be cut with the aid of already available cutting macros.

The machines of the PB Robo series designed mainly for beams have a freely programmable software architecture that facilitates the autonomous generation of the cutting profiles offline with the use of CAD/CAM modules.

Plasma and oxy-fuel are available as cutting processes. The main differences between the various series can be seen from the table on the opposite page.

The CNC axes are as follows:

  1. Rotation of the workpiece inside the chuck system (Y-axis)
  2. Longitudinal movement of the cutting head along the workpiece axis (X-axis)
  3. Oscillatory movement of the cutting head (B-axis)
  4. Rotation of the cutting head (C-axis)
  5. Height adjustment of the cutting head by a measuring system in the event of surface deviations of the workpiece (Z-axis)
  6. Torch distance correction in relation to the cutting angle during the cutting process (W-axis)
  7. Transverse movement of the cutting head at 90° to the workpiece axis (V-axis)

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