Our 3D profile cutting machines make our customers’ production processes more efficient. Our machines for the thermal cutting of 3D contours are not therefore isolated elements, but part of an integrated process chain.

With our CAM modules developed in-house, we are able to link our machines to up- and downstream process steps and help to reduce production time and material costs.

Independently of these CAM solutions, it is the macro-based COROBS software that is responsible for generating the cutting contours for the RB Compact, RB Classic and RB Heavy-Duty machine series. With the input of a small number of parameters in a preselected cutting macro, the movements of the CNC axes are quickly computed. The cutting process can start immediately after computation.

Data input in a cutting macro takes place online at the machine, offline at an external workstation or in an automated process through the adoption of CAD data. This macro-based software solution permits the rapid project-based generation of cutting contours so that production at the machine can get underway swiftly.

The chapter cutting profiles shows the standard cutting macros that are supplied in a library with each machine. Furthermore it shows a selection of special macros that can be optionally included in the standard library in accordance with customer needs or the branch of industry concerned. The cutting contours for the PB Robo machine series are generated with the aid of a freely programmable software architecture.

In COROBS­-ROBO, data import from a CAD system is followed by the automatic definition of the cutting curves and the associated creation of a cutting file. COROBS-ROBO then sets the start and end points for the cutting task. After this, the overall cutting process of a cutting file is simulated with the depiction of the machine, the robot torch head and the workpiece before the start of cutting proper. Our internally developed CAM solutions are organized in our MOPRO software and provide process planning solutions as well as control and reporting functions.

MOPRO builds on the basic MOCAD, MOCAM and MOMIS modules that operate independently of each other. This means that individual modules can also be employed.

The tables show the main functions of MOPRO. Detailled information can be supplied on request.