For round and square shaped steel Mueller Opladen is manufacturing CNC cutting machines that are able to profile cut the steel in 3D. 

Mueller Opladen is a German machine manufacturer and engineer, the CNC profile cutting machines of the company you can find worldwide in steel construction, shipbuilding, offshore construction, fabricating of oil rigs and other petrochemical and processing industries.

The first cutting machine for profile cutting pipes was sold more than 70 years ago and since that first machine the company is providing the most advanced CNC cutting machines for profiling pipes, tubes and square shapes.

Below you see 3 examples of profile cuts that are done with our CNC cutting machines for pipes :

profile cutted pipe with MO-Compact3D pipe profile cuts3d pipe profiling over cnc controls






One of the stationary machines we offer for 3D profiling is the MO-Compact this the machine model that is covering pipe diameters up to 36 „. The machine could be equipped with MOCAM software this is in fact a CAD-CAM program to upload CAD technical Drawings of the profile cut and if this is uploaded than you could check and edit setting and measurements of the profile cut in the CNC software of the CNC cutting machine. 

visit the webpage of the MO-Compact directly for more technical information and videos.

This CAD-CAM program allows you to perform multiple 3D profile cuts such as:

  • Hole cutting
  • Miter cutting
  • Saddle cutting
  • Cutting holes for branch connections.
  • slot cutting
  • offshore cuts
  • chamfers, bevels, groove cuts
  • straight cuts

Watch here the video of the MO-Compact in operation 

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For more information about our MO-Compact for CNC profiling pipes, tubes and pressures vessels go to the webpage of the MO-Compact

cnc cutting machine

CNC cutting

What we do is providing with „CNC Cutting“ and extra dimension or level because with our machines we can do cutting and profiling completly 360 degrees in 3D on steel cutting.

Within steel cutting we have different machine series for round shaped steel like pipes, tubes and pressure vessels. Alternatively we offer 3D cutting machines for square shaped or so-called square profiles.

All are CNC cutting machines are having at least 6 CNC axis on a stationary machine and the machines are easy to use for the operator.

The home page of Mueller Opladen to see the different machines for both segments.

We have one machine series for CNC cutting square shapes only this is the MO-Robo for cutting square pipe, rectangular pipe, HEB-Beams, H-Beams, T-Beams, girders, box sections and U-channels and L-channels.

cutting beams and square shaped

CNC pipe cutting machines

We offer several machines series for CNC pipe cutting, the most important thing is for us to know what kind of steel material you want to cut and profile and what the range of pipe diameters are.

Our stationary CNC pipe cutting machines are profile cutting pipes and pressure vessels in the diameter range of 2 „to 160“. Our machines 3D profile cut the pipes with thermal cutting process as autogenous, oxy-fuel and plasma.

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3D profile cutting machines













In fact the machines are piercing through the steel material and burning the 3D shape in the pipe. Examples of shapes are miter cuts, saddle cuts, hole cutting, chamfers, bevels, straight cuts and slots.

For smaller diameters up to 36 „(914 mm) visit the website of the MO-Compact

For larger pipe diameters than 36 „visit this machine overview with links to direct you to the right machine model suitable for the job.

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CNC beam cutting machines

The dedicated CNC Beam cutting machine that we offer for the steel construction and processing industry is the MO-ROBO this machine has an infeed conveyor and Beam cutting machine itself and the outfeedconveyor. It is infact a productionline for 3D beam profiling.

The MO-Robo is a robotic cutting machine with plasma cutting capabilities, the cutting segment is in a closed box. the machine is CNC beam cutting machine is controlled over a central control system with a monitor outside the cabinet as you it below on the drawing.

On the webpage of the MO-Robo you will find technical information and a video.

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beam coping machine for profiling