The MO-ROBO is a perfect 3D plasma cutting machine to profile cut your steel profile and different kinds of beams. This MO-ROBO is a robotic 3D cutting machine that cuts with high definition plasma different cut outs on your workpieces. The machine is able to do different kinds of profile cuts it is a KUKA robot with 6 CNC axis that is having another 2 axis on the gantry itself. Our machine is suitable for 3D cutting beams and steel profiles.

We supply and dispatch the workpieces to the robotic cutting cell with conveyors, these conveyors we can offer based on your requirement. Most common is to have a 12 meter infeed at least. On the infeed conveyor of our 3D robotic cutting machine, we do also the length measuring to do the profile cutting of the workpieces on the exact right measurements. You can send a 3D cutting order to the MO-ROBO machine by a LAN connection, in fact what you would need to do is to send a CAD file with all profile cuts and markings to the machine and then the machine will do the cutting.

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We work with Hypertherm and Kjellberg for the plasma, we can advise on the machine and which plasma to use. Contact us for a quotation, questions or just for advise on

The plasma torch on the Kuka robot that we use is able to do complete 365 degrees 3D profile cuts in H-beams, I-Beams, T-Beams and U-channels and I-Channels. The machine that we manufacture is accurate and has a high output.

We offer the MO-ROBO for 3D structural steel cutting, these models we have:

MO 600 ROBO  for workpieces up to 610 mm width

MO 1220 ROBO for workpieces up to 1220 mm width

We offer these machines standard with infeed and outfeed conveyors with 12 meter length on request we can change the length of the conveyors and we could even offer infeed buffer or infeed and outfeed racks. Than the complete cell can be controlled still from one central control unit.

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Our MO-ROBO fully automed 3D cutting machine for cutting different kinds of steel beams and steel profiles is cutting with plasma 3D shapes out of the steel. the 3D profile cuts that you could think of are ratholes, bolt holes, slots, miters, bevels, chamfers, girder connection and so one.

visit our dedicated website for the MO-ROBO for more information and videos. Do not hesitate to contact us for consulation.

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