Mueller Opladen is providing multiple solutions for 3D cutting, the stationary machines are designed for 3D pipe profile cutting or for 3D cutting of square shapes like beams, girders, U-channels. Visit the company website of Mueller Opladen to see the different machines.

Especially designed for 3D cutting square shapes like girders, beams, U-channels, HEB-beams, Square pipe, rectangular pipe and box sections is our MO-Robo series, this machine range goes up to 1200 mm or 48”.

For 3D pipe profile cutting Mueller Opladen is manufacturing different kind of state-of-the-art machines with a minimum of 6 CNC axis to offer end customers world machines that are solid and reliable and capable of doing the profiling job.

The MO-Compact covers pipe diameters from 2” to 36” in different machine models.

The MO-Classic serie is capable of doing round pipes and square pipe and rectangular pipes in the range of 2” to 80” with different machine models.

The Heavy-Duty series are designed for large bore pipe diameters ranging up to 160 inch pipe diameter.

All above 3 machines series are offering you accurate 3D pipe profile cutting solutions.

With our fifth and sixth axis in our machines we adapt for the eccentricity in pipe and tubes, there is no other European machine manufacture that builts such high quality pipe profiling machine with 6 CNC axis.

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The machines for 3D profile cutting pipe we offer as a machine manufacturer and engineer and all stationary machines that profile cut with thermal cutting processes like plasma and autogen (oxy-fuel). 

These stationary 3D profile cutting machines for pipes, tubes and pressure vessels cover the diameter range in different machine models from 2 “to 160”, the MO-Compact is the machine range covering OD 2 “to 36” and with that range it is covering the majority of the pipe fabrication market and pipe spool fabrication market. 

3D profile cutting machines for round pipes and square shapes

The MO-Compact is a highly sophisticated machines with many years of engineering and manufacturing know how in it, our company Mueller Opladen has experience is manufacturing machines for pipe profiling since the 1950s and we keep developing further with new technology, new innovations and software updates .

Go to the website of the MO-Compact to get familiar with the machine, on this webpage you could also watch the video of this 3D pipe profile cutting machine in action.

Yet another machine we offer is capable of doing both round pipe and some square shapes like square pipe, rectangular pipe and box sections, this is our MO-Classic 

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We invented the first European stationary 3D pipe cutting machine back in the 1950s, since than Mueller Opladen has been in this market and manufacturing and selling these machines worldwide.

Our machines work with a thermal cutting process, 3D profile cut pipes, tubes or pressure vessels.

visit our company website to see the variety of different 3D pipe cutting machines we offer for the complete diameter range of 2 “to 160”

The MO-Compact is the machine range for pipe diameters up to 36 “

For pipe diameter from 36 “to 80” go to the webpage of the MO-Classic this machine has all the different machine models for 3D pipe cutting these pipes.

The Heavy-Duty series is the machine range for pipe diameters that are of larger diameter up to even 160 “

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mueller opladen pipe profiling machinery
profile cutting machine or coping machine
3D-cutting machine for profling pipes and beams.