Pipe cutter machines for 3D pipe profiling

The 3D pipe cutters from Mueller Opladen are able to cut pipes and to profile them with oxy-fuel or plasma and the combination with the multiple axis move able torch that acts like a robotic arm and performs the shapes controlled over the CNC software. With the pipe cutter machines from Mueller you could do all 3D profiling shapes on pipes as you require.

Visit our website www.mueller-opladen.de for different 3D pipe cutters in the diameter range of OD 50 to 4000 mm (from OD 2 ”to 160”) if you need support with finding the right pipe profiler contact us by email: mail @ mueller-opladen.de or call us on +49 2171 766230

There are several machine series within our pipe cutter range, most important is to know which pipe diameter diameters you have and what kind of steel in order to advice on the right fit for your profiling job.

pipe and tube cutter machine for profile cutting 3D

3D pipe cutter machines with plasma

Although we offer plasma and high definition plasma as an option for profiling and cutting pipes in many cases, we advise only to work with oxyfuel because it cuts perfectly, you do not need fume extraction and the consumables are costs less.

Besides that, a plasma power source in purchasing the CNC pipe cutter machine will increase costs, but in some cases when cutting stainless steel material when profiling than we would advise to add a plasma power source for the cutting result when profiling pipes .

Go to our dedicated webpage for pipe profiling cutting to see our machines and to see the options we have in oxyfuel profiling and plasma profiling. Or visit the homepage to see different stationary machines for CNC beam profiling and automated pipe welding as well.

please watch this video for the MO-Classic 3D pipe cutter machine

Pipe cutter for pipe profiling with 3D shapes

The most standard stationary and entry level pipe cutter that does the cutting process with thermal cutting is the MO-Compact series from Mueller Opladen. The Compact 3D pipe cutter series will allow you still to do all most common profile cuts with it’s 6 axis cutting head with the torch on it.

The Compact series for pipe profiling and cutting is engineered for pipe diameters up to 36 inches as a maximum diameter.

Visit the website www.mueller-opladen.de for more information about the Compact and the Classic machine series.

A more advanced machine series for CNC pipe profiling is the MO-Classic series, this type of pipe cutter has more complex profiling contours and therefore has more axis. 

Contact us for your request on pipe cutting and pipe profiling and we will offer the best suitable machine, contact us on mail@mueller-opladen.de

pipe profile cutting machine

3D plasma cutter machine for profiling

Pipe cutter machine for profiling steel tubes and pipe

There are different machines on the market for profile cutting many are some sort of portable but the machines that Mueller Opladen manufacturers are all stationary machines to put in the factory. The pipes or other workpieces like beams you have to bring to the machine, because the  stationary profile cutting machine  is in a fixed location in the factory.

Visit the website of Mueller Opladen  www.mueller-opladen.de

The pipes that needs to be profile cutted with this machine are normally put next to the machine to build up a small stock which enables the machine operator to proceed with one pipe after the other and load them on the profile cutting machine by using the overhead crane .

pipe and tube cutter machine for profile cutting 3D

The  profile cutting machines with oxy-fuel and or plasma cutting are mostly used for preparing metal pipes with saddle cuts, miter cuts, cut out holes, rat holes and straight cuts.

Visit the different pipe profile cutting machines of Mueller Opladen on their website  www.mueller-opladen.de  

You could also contact us directly by sending your profile cutting request by email to    mail@mueller-opladen.de and we will answer you shortly.