With a CNC controlled robotic arm on the 6 axis MO-Compact we offer you the ability to do 3D pipe cutting or so-called 3D profile cutting. The MO-Compact machine we offer in different models all together covering the complete pipe diameter range of OD 2 “to 36”. The MO-Compact machine series is one of the most sold 3D pipe cutting machines that we sell world-wide.

All the stationary 3D pipe cutting machines that we offer are unique because all Mueller Opladen machines have at least 6 CNC axis to allow you to do a perfect 3D profile cut on a pipe or tube even if there is some deviation or out of roundess in the pipe. With the fifth and sixth axis on MO-Compact the machine can adapt with weld beads or other deviations in the roundess to still provide you the accurate cut required according to the technical drawing.

Go to the webpage of the MO-Compact to see more information and to watch the video of this machine, contact us for a quotation on mail@mueller-opladen.de 

3D pipe cutting machine for profile cutting

Besides the MO-Compact we offer the MO-Classic and the MO-Heavy-duty, with all 3 different machines series together we provide 3D pipe cutting machine (and pressure vessels) solutions in the diameter range of 2 “to 160”.

Go to this overview to see which pipe diameter range belongs to which machine type in profiling.

Our 3D cutting machines could be equipped with MOCAM software this software is designed for profile cutting pipes, tubes and pressure vessels which means that all common profile cutting macros are available if you add the MOCAM software to one of our machines. With this software you can upload CAD files of the pipe with cuts and profiles, when this file is uploaded you could still edit or add profile cuts in the software of machine but also can you easily measure if profile cuts are correct.

More information about MOCAM software for pipe profiling you can find on this link

For more information about our 3D pipe cutting machines contact us by email on mail@mueller-opalden.de


Our thermal 3D cutting machines can cut round shapes and square shaped steel, we call these stationary 3D profile cutting machines go to our website to find out what kind of machines we manufacture at Mueller Opladen in Germany.

The company started with the strong focus on engineering and manufacturing 3D cutting machines that could create shapes and contours out of steel pipes and still this is the one of the core business activities of the company. Go to the dedicated website for pipe profile cutting machines.

With the cutting machines that Mueller Opladen manufacturers you can select a cutting macro in the CNC of the machine and the machine is doing the scanning of the pipe and afterwards the cutting process with oxyfuel or plasma cutting with 6 CNC axis the machines are able to adapt on deviation in the pipe, tube or pressure vessel and adapt to this.

Watch here the video of the MO-Compact to see how this machine operates, go for more information about the MO-Compact to this dedicated webpage of this machine range.

Contact us for questions on mail@mueller-opladen.de

The 3D cutting machines for pipes that we offer are able to do straight cuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, offshore cuts, slots, center hole cutting and other profile cutting shapes.

From the 1950s until now Mueller Opladen has experience of engineering and manufacturing stationary 3D pipe cutting machines that work with thermal cutting processes.

The company has since the start having the main focus to provide the best quality machine for 3D pipe cutting worldwide that is also the most reliable machine for in your workshop. Müller Opladen is doing this by providing state of the art and solid machine design and machine parts that are of high quality.profile cutting pipes and profiles

Go to our dedicated website for pipe profile cutting to see that we are offering as a minimum 6 CNC axis in our stationary pipe profile cutting machines for 3D pipe cutting. With this we are really unique, our machines are well known for the reliability.

Contact us by email on mail@mueller-opladen.de

For pipe profile cutting are we offering the MO-Compact, the MO-Classic and the MO-Heavy-Duty from our German factory. All these machines series are initially designed for profile cutting round steel shapes like pipes, tubes and pressure vessels.

Watch this video of the MO-Compact in operation, this machine is suitable for 3D profiling pipes, tubes and pressure vessels up to 36 inch.

We also have within out holding a company based in Seattle (USA) this company is also manufacturing machines for 3D profiling of pipes.

Visit www.mueller-opladen.de for more information about our pipe profiling machines and our machines for profiling square shapes.

Our machines are applicable for 3D cutting steel in different shapes and contours. Mueller Opladen is manufacturing these stationary machines since the 1950s the main focus of the company is offering 3D profile cutting machines for round shapes such as pipes, tubes and pressure vessels.

Other machines we have are designed for 3D profile cutting square shapes such as beams, rectangular pipes, box sections, girders, U-Channels, L-Channels and so on.

visit our website www.mueller-opladen.de for more information about the different 3D profile cutting machines we offer. 

3d pipe flame cutting machine for profile cutting
mueller opladen pipe profiling machinery
pipe gas cutting machine for 3D cutting of pipes and tubes