Müller Opladen is a german machine manufacturer with a focus on stationary machines for thermal (plasma and oxyfuel) cutting for different kinds of shaped steel. One of the machines the company offers is the MO-Robo for plasma cutting beams, girders, square and rectangular shaped steel.

This CNC plasma cutting can profile cut all kinds of 3D shapes out of different kinds of steel beams like H-beam, I-Beams and T-beams the robot has 6 CNC axis and traversal and beam axis being 8 CNC axis. We work with proven high-quality robot manufacturer Kuka that provides us the robot and we do the full integration with software in our robotic production line that contains also the infeed and outfeed conveyor.

Visit the website of the MO-Robo for more technical information, pictures and a video. If you have questions we are there to advise and assist you contact us. 

The MO-Robo CNC plasma cutter machine is available in two models being the 610 mm and 1220 mm web width. We keep on innovating and improving our robotic production line for profile cutting steel. We offer a very high-quality robotic CNC plasma cutting solutions for cutting all these kinds of steel we manufacture machines that are reliable and are built for heavy- duty industrial use.

Contact us for a quotation on this CNC plasma cutter machine by sending us an email on mail@mueller-opladen.de

Visit the website of our CNC plasma cutter machine for cutting steel.

Our plasma cutter machine on the robot is capable of providing a huge range of 3D cutting shapes for profiling. The 8 CNC axis MO-Robo machine is using a high definition Kjellberg or optionally Hypertherm plasma source for accurate and smooth cutting and finishing of all cuts that this CNC plasma cutting machine cuts. The plasma cutter machine is having CAD-CAM integration with common software like Tekla, BoCad, Solidworks and ProEngineering.

Visit the website of the MO-Robo for more technical information, pictures and a video.

The CNC plasma cutter machine that we offer for profile cutting beams, girders, square and rectangular shaped steel is working from a central control and from this central control the operator can feed in the workpiece over the infeed conveyor in to the 3D cutting cell of the system with the robot in it. In this 3D cutting cell there is also fume extraction for the plasma fumes. After the cutting the operator could feed out the cutted parts and dispatch them from the outfeed conveyor.

Contact us for quotation on mail@mueller-opladen.de


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