profile cutting tubes and pipesIn need of a CNC tube cutting solution for 3D profiling?

Than we could offer you the solution!

Mueller Opladen is a German machine manufacturer with over 1700 stationary machines sold worldwide for 3D tube profiling, pipe profiling and square shape profiling.

Our profile cutting machines have a robotic arm with thermal cutting torches that could perform 3D and 360 degrees cnc cutting. On of the most sold machines for CNC tube cutting we offer is the MO-Compact this machine has 6 CNC axis with which it could 3D profile cut any pipe even with deviations in the roundess of the tube.

Visit the website of the MO-Compact to get familiar with the technical aspects of the machine after watching the pictures and video online.

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tube cutting machineMueller Opladen offers stationary CNC tube cutting machine for 3D tube profiling.

Our machines are having always at least 6 CNC axis, these are required to provide the best possible profile cut. The machine is built in a robust and stable way, we use only high-quality proven machine parts from trustable and well-known suppliers. We are offering the best performing 3D tube cutting machine for profiling your tubes!!!!

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3D cut out by oxyfuel cutting
cnc tube cutting and profiling machine