Mueller Opladen is manufacturer of robotic plasma cutter machines for round shapes such as pipe, pressure vessels and tubes. with plasma or oxy-fuel the robotic arm on the stationary machine is 3D profile cutting the desired contours and shapes in the pipe.

Watch this movie of the MO-Classic when it is 3D profile cutting a pipe 

For more information about the MO-Classic go to the webpage here

The MO-Compact is our most sold Robotic cutting machine for 3D profiling pipes.

Other robitc cutting machines we offer are for pipes and tubes:

the MO-Classic   : diameters from 3″ to 80″ (80 to 2032 mm) in different models.

the MO-Heavy-duty    : diameters 8″ to 160″ (200 to 4064 mm)  in different models.

cnc tube cutting machinerobotic cutting machine for 3D pipe profiling

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