For different kinds of structural steel such as H-Beams, I-Beams or T-beams we offer a beam profiling machine that can 3D profile cut with plasma many different kinds of shapes like slots, bevels, rat holes, saddle, miter cuts and more. This machine is called the MO-ROBO series, this machine exists of a Kuka robot that is capable of doing all 3D profile cutting. 

The machine is very easy to work with, the workpiece with profile cuts and markings in a CAD file can be uploaded from your office by the engineering and send out to the MO-ROBO, than the machine knows what to 3D cut and what to mark according to that CAD drawing. The beam profiling machine can also be controlled at the machine itself by an operator if needed.

The machine exists standard of a 12 meter infeed conveyor the cutting cell with the robot and a 12 meter outfeed conveyor. Based on your work we can amend the sizes of the conveyors and we can add supply and dispatch buffers to the system or so-called cross infeed racks and cross outfeed racks.

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The beam profiling machines that we offer 3D cuts with plasma different kinds of 3D shapes out of structural steel. The machine exists out of an infeed and outfeed conveyor with in between the two conveyors a cabinet with a 3D cutting robot, this robot has 6 + 2 CNC axis to do all kinds of 3D profile cutting on H-Beams, I-Beams, T-Beams but also on U-Channels and L-Channels. This machine we call our MO-ROBO find more information and videos on our website

You can send CAD drawings with profile cuts and markings to the beam profiling machine and the machine will do the plasma cutting with the different cut outs accordingly.

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If you watch the video of our MO-ROBO beam profiling machine on our website you will get a good understanding what kind of high-quality machines with smooth cutting results we manufacture for 3D profile cutting. In our 3D profiling machines for structural steel we can offer both Hypertherm or Kjellberg plasma sources, we will advise you based on your work requirements contact us for consult.

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Optionally we can offer our beam profiling machines with cross infeed and outfeed racks to create higher output.

The company Müller Opladen is a German based machine manufacturer that is offering different kinds of stationary machines for thermal cutting and automated welding. Visit the website to see different kind of machines we can offer you.

We stand out on 3D profiling machines from others because our mission is to provide the highest quality and most reliable 3D pipe and pressure vessel profile cutting machine but also to stand out from other manufactures on offering the best 3D profiling machine for structural steel. We started engineering and manufacturing 3D profile cutting machines more than 65 years ago so we have the experience and the know how.

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