The automated butt-welding machine that Mueller Opladen offers for welding round shaped steel to each other is the circumferential welding machine. This machine has a rotating chuck where you clamp the round workpiece in, this workpiece is rotating during the welding process. The welding torch is a fixed position and is able to oscillate. This machine is engineered for example to weld round pipe to a flange or to weld to cylinders to each other. You could choose from GTAW, GMAW, Plasma Welding options when purchasing an machine.

These circumferential welding machines are often combined with our column and boom welding technique to be able to handle the torch on top of the rotating workpiece that has to be welded. We could apply butt-welding, fillet welding and socket welding techniques in this machine to apply for multiple industries and make the machine even more versatile. The circumferential welding machine for pipe spool fabrication is mostly sold as an butt welding machine to weld beveled pipe and fittings together. Alternatively, this machine can be offered as a fillet welding machine to weld for example pipe to slip on flanges.

If you are looking only for a column and boom welding machine we also offer this go to this webpage to read more technical information and see different pictures. The rotating chuck on a circumferential welding machine in combination with the welding from a column and boom system allows you to weld anything that is round like tubes, pipes and cylinders. The column and boom system can be sold as a butt-welding system, it depends on the request.

Basically, we will gather your special welding request and we can advise which of our different solutions for automated welding will fit your need best in many cases a custom-made butt-welding or fillet welding machine is offered and sold.

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An example of an automated butt-welding machine is the circumferential seam welding machine that allows you to weld beveled pipe to beveled fittings. The pipe to fitting connection is than a butt-welding connection. With the two bevels with an 90 degrees land you are well prepared to start welding the butt welding process with our circumferential seam welding machine.

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The circumferential welding machine is standard engineered for welding pipe to fitting connections up to a pipe diameter of 508 mm or 20 inch . based on request, larger diameter machines could be offered. The 20 inch circumferential welding machine does not require any tag welding before putting the pipe and fitting in the clamping set. The clamping set in the rotating chuck is aligning and clamping the parts together to get a straight and aligned connection as a starting point for the butt welding.

Before the welding is started the machine is scanning the surface of the butt-welded connection when aligned and clamped. The scanning before welding of the buttweld surface is done by a laser that transfers the data to the PLC of the welding machine, with adaptive control the machine is capable of welding a good and smooth weld between the pipe and the fitting. This circumferential machine is controlled over a Siemens PLC with our own operator level on top of it.

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This machine process is very useful for the pipe fabrication and pipe spool fabrication industry but also in the shipbuilding industry and offshore constructions. Based your requirement we can offer different welding techniques for this butt welding process, you could choose from MIG, MAG, TIG, WIG and Plasma welding.

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Do you need to welding butt welding connections between pipes and pipe fittings??

Then the circumferential seam welding machine from Mueller Opladen will enable to automatically weld butt welding connections on pipes and fittings up to 20 inch (508 mm) outer diameter. Mueller Opladen is a German based engineering and manufacturing company; they have been manufacturing stationary automated welding machines since the 1960s. For different welding purposes the company is offering automated solutions based on MIG, MAG, WIG, TIG, SAW and Plasma welding processes.  In fact, together with the end customer the right solution is investigated that we built as a custom-made project.

Our circumferential welding machines could also be equipped with column and boom systems to allow the welding head to move in multiple directions. Our circumferential welding equipment is suitable to weld and connection between two round workpieces such as pipes, tubes and hydraulic cylinders. The system can weld butt welding pipe connections and even could be engineered to weld also fillet welds or so-called socket welds.

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The majority of our welding machines are related to column and boom, circumferential seam welding and longitudinal seam welding machines. Visit our website here to get familiar with different solutions.


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