Mueller Opladen is manufacturing CNC gas cutting machines for 3D cutting steel workpieces such as structural steel workpiece as H-Beam, T-beam, I-beam or other steel profiles like U-channels or square and rectangular pipes. Visit our MO ROBO webpage for more information about 3D cutting machines these kinds of workpieces.

Another machine for CNC gas cutting activities are the machines for round workpieces like tube, pipes, vessels, boilers or thanks go to this dedicated webpage for that particular machine.

Mueller Opladen is engineering and manufacturing these machines the focus is on reliable machines with high quality. We also offer easy to work with software for CAD-CAM integration to upload your CAD files with profile cuts and directly send them to the machine.

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Or send us your request for quotation on a CNC gas cutting machine to and our sales team will contact you shortly to determine the need and advise which solution is most suitable.

Our stationary pipe gas cutting machines for pipe fabrication and 3D cutting activities within fabrication shops or factories. Our different machines series for 3D thermal cutting of steel pipes can be equipped with gas cutting applications like propane gas cutting or acetylene gas cutting.

Watch the video of the MO COMPACT machine on this webpage of this machine to get an understanding how this machine works on different 3D cutting jobs.

Our machines have a minimum of 6 CNC axis to do all kinds of 3D cutting jobs and to have 2 extra axis being the Fifth and Sixth one for adapting on deviations in eccentricity or other deviations in the roundness of the outer pipe diameter like weld beads or flat parts in the pipe.

The company Mueller Opladen is situated in Opladen near the city of Leverkusen and Cologne in Germany. The company started in 1919 and since the first pipe gas cutting machine was sold and installed at a customer in the year 1953 ever since that first machine the company is developing and manufacturing high quality, reliable and accurate 3D cutting machines for the steel fabrication and construction industry.


With our pipe gas cutting machine range we offer different machine models for up to 4064 mm pipe diameter (160 inch) this means that we cannot only do pipe cutting but also boiler, pressure vessels, tank or tubular tower cutting.

Visit our website for the complete overview on stationary 3D cutting machines for pipe cutting and vessel cutting.

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The way Mueller Opladen manufactures their machines can be seen as very hitech with the strong focus on long lasting performance with the use of well-known and proven suppliers and machine parts in the machines.

The Hitech CNC gas cutting machines that Mueller Opladen manufactures in their German factory are well known in the pipe fabrication market because the company has been selling over 1700 stationary 3D pipe profile cutting machines in more than 75 countries. The machine range for tube and pipe profile cutting goes up to pipe diameters of 4064 mm (160 inch) we even manufacture heavy duty Hitech CNC gas cutting machines that can cut with oxy fuel or plasma vessels, boilers, tanks or pressure vessels besides pipes. As long as the workpiece is round we can cover up to 160 inch diameter.

We have even standard machines that could carry a maximum load of 40,000 kg.

On our website you will get a better understanding to which industries we have already sold our 3D pipe profile cutting machines.

On this same website you will also see that we offer 3D robotic CNC gas cutting machines for cutting beams and steel profiles as well.

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For CNC gas cutting on steel we can provide machines that could be equipped with oxy fuel propane cutting or oxy fuel acetylene cutting. Our machines have 6 CNC axes to create different contours for 3D cutting on steel workpieces.

We have a wide machine range that is designed for 3D cutting of different kinds of steel beams, channels, square and rectangular pipe and other steel profiles such as C-channels, U-channels and L-channels. This machine is our MO ROBO machine , go to the webpage of this machine for more information and videos from there you can also request a quotation.

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CNC gas cutting machinebeam profile cutted

robot for 3D plasma cutting structural steel workpieces

















Another machine series is dedicated on profile cutting with gas cutting or plasma cutting round workpieces such as tubes, pipes, vessels, boilers, tanks, pressure vessel and or heat exchangers.

We manufacture for round workpieces machines for diameters up to 4064 mm, the straight advantage of our machines is that we use state of the art high quality machine parts from proven suppliers in the machine manufacturing industry. besides that are we offering all our pipe profile cutting machines with a minimum of 6 CNC axis to offer you 2 extra axis to adapt on deviations in the outer pipe diameter.

visit our website for more information.

We offer CNC gas cutting machines at Mueller Opladen, we manufacture and engineer these machine since the 1950s in our German factory near the city of Leverkusen.

We have different kinds of CNC gas cutting machines for 3D cutting of steel workpieces, the best would be to visit our website to read more about the different machines solutions we have to offer you. Hopefully we can offer you a suitable machine solution for 3D cutting of steel that fits your need exactly.

From the website it is very easy to contact us and send us an email with the specifications of your cutting job.


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