Our industrial thermal cutting machines are able to 3D cutting of steel with oxy fuel cutting process like propane cutting and or acetylene gas cutting.

Mueller Opladen is engineering and manufacturing these CNC oxy fuel cutting machines for the metal working industry. The oxyfuel cutting machines are 3D cutting applications at steel fabrication and steel construction companies. The main purpose of the machines is to do 3D profile cutting to cut out different 3D shapes and contours out of structural steel or round pipes.

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3D cutting machine for structural steel workpieces

If you visit the homepage of our website, you see that our thermal 3D profile cutting machines are used for cutting structural steel such as H-Beam, T-Beam, I-Beam, Square pipe, rectangular pipe or steel profiles like C, U and L-channels. Müller Opladen has a fantastic comprehensive full automated 3D profile cutting machine suitable for different structural steel workpieces, visit our MO ROBO 1200 website for more information.

CNC oxyfuel cutting machine

This CNC oxy fuel cutting machine for steel workpieces is a machine with automatic length measuring on the infeed conveyor, in the middle you have the enclosed robotic cell with a KUKA robot that is doing the 3D cutting of the steel workpieces and at the backside of the machine you have the outfeed conveyor to process the profile cutted parts on outside the robotic cell.

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3D cutting machine for round pipes, boilers, tanks and vessels

Yet another CNC oxy fuel cutting machine we offer is for another application namely round workpieces such as round pipes, vessels, boilers, tanks, pressure vessels or heat exchangers.

Mueller Opladen started manufacturing these 3D cutting machines for round steel workpieces in the 1950s and the first machine was installed at a German customer in the year 1953. Ever since that first stationary machine for 3D cutting of pipes we developed the machine series and kept on learning from our experience in machine building but also from the 3D cutting test we did ourselves and from the customers experiences.

These days, we offer a wide range CNC oxy fuel cutting machine that are used for heavy wall pipes or maybe large size pressure vessel, heat exchangers or boilers . With our pipe profiling machines we cover round pipe diameters up to 4064 with our standard machines and we have been installing up systems for up to 30 meter pipe length.

Oxyfuel cutting machine

The company Mueller Opladen offers oxy fuel cutting solutions for cutting your carbon steel round workpieces up to a thickness of 300 mm if necessary. Our MO-Heavy-Duty machines are suitable for 3D cutting large size pipes or vessels in the range of 8 “up ​​to 160” (diameter 200 to 4064 mm)

Many of our 3D profile cutting machines for doing 3D cutting jobs are equipped with propane oxyfuel cutting but we can also equip the machine the acetylene oxy fuel cutting. Besides our options for oxy cutting many of our machines world wide also have plasma cutting installed on the pipe profile or vessel profile cutting machines.

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If you need help send us an email on mail@mueller-opladen.de we can always support you choosing the right machine and the right 3D cutting solution for your work.

On thermal cutting on our 3D cutting machines, we offer two kind of cutting solution being the oxy fuel cutting (propane or acetylene) or plasma cutting (from Hypertherm or Kjellberg) the pure CNC oxy fuel cutting machines that we sell are for fabrication or manufacturing companies that only do carbon steel pipes or vessels. In the piping industry we see that many of the sold machines are not pure CNC oxy fuel cutting machine because they are also equipped with a plasma cutting source for the stainless steel or other kinds of material like aluminum.

Below are some sample of 3D profile cutted pipes and this shows a few examples of how and what we can 3D cut:

3D cut out by oxyfuel cuttingprofile cutted pipes






If the end customer is only in need of carbon steel cutting and also heavy wall up to 150 mm or more than a pure and only oxy fuel cutting machine makes the most sense and then plasma cutting is not a real option. Many of these companies are in the large and heavy-duty pressure vessel and boiler manufacturing industry or in heavy duty fabrication of pipes.

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CNC oxy fuel cutting machine manufacturers that are providing high quality and stationary machines for steel workpieces are not easy to find. But, Mueller Opladen is such a machine supplier manufacturers 6 CNC axis machines for thermal 3D cutting of steel. We are the first European company that started manufacturing these machines for 3D cutting of round pipes and now over 1700 machines are installed all around the world since the 1950s.

3d cutting pipes

New potential buyers and existing customers come back to us for new machine enquiries because of our well known and established name in the market for being a reliable and trustable company that offer reliable and long-lasting machines.

We have had a customer calling us in the February 2021 for a new large size pressure vessel profiling machine because he sees Mueller Opladen as the expert in 3D cutting and because he has a machine from us in operation since 1972 that is still doing 3 days a week 3D pipe profiling.

He said: “It is impressive that this machine is still operational since 1972 without little maintenance, it is just one of the most reliable machine in my factory, that is the reason why I come back to you for a new enquiry now as well”.

This is what makes us proud and it’s actually what we are aiming for, being a reliable machine manufacturer that offers you the 3D profile cutting machine solution for your factory on the long term.

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3d cutting pipes