Pipe Profiling with Plasma or Oxy-Fuel?
12. December 2019
MÜLLER OPLADEN technology is a key element at the competence center for rail vehicles
19. December 2019

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 at MÜLLER OPLADEN

Machines from MÜLLER OPLADEN are equipped with freely programmable software that permits the integration of CAD systems. How important is the subject of digitalization and networking/Industry 4.0?

Managing Director Ralf Hamacher: “If we had not tackled this issue years ago, we would no longer be competitive today. If we didn’t carry out projects in connection with Industry 4.0, we would no longer be fit for the future.

“From my point of view, Industry 4.0 means the integration of digital interfaces into the up- and downstream processes of our systems. This starts with our customers’ job scheduling and the specification of cut geometries, from which the cutting contours and cutting sequences are derived.

“We can import drawings from the application and filter out the pipe cut geometries, on the basis of which our programs determine and cost the next work processes. In this process, the cutting costs and the required quantities of gas and oxygen are calculated. The cuts made are stored in relational databases with information on all cutting contours. This enables our customer to document the quality of his work. We digitally manage all of this, which is why we have a highly complex interface to customers’ work processes”.

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