Electric pipe cutter machine for cnc profiling.

The  electric pipe cutter  that Mueller Opladen offers is a stationary cnc controlled pipe cutter that enables you to cut profiles on pipes according to the uploaded CAD drawing.

The machine has at least 6 axis to allow you to perform accurate 3D profiling with this electric pipe cutter and to compensate on the ovality of the pipe. Visit our  pipe profiling webpage  for different machine series.

video: electrical pipe cutter machine MO-Classic

Besides these electric pipe cutter machines Mueller Opladen also offers CNC controlled machines for  cutting or profiling beams .

If you have questions or if you want a quote contact us on  mail@mueller-opladen.de

Go to the MO-Classic machine series for machines for cnc pipe cutting and pipe profiling up to 80 inches.

tube profile cutting machine for cutting steel tube