Made with Müller Opladen – Gigantic water jet cutting machine splits car in 15 seconds

Müller Opladen customer O'Cain from Florida is excited: On the MO machine, the company has been processing the tubes for its new high-performance water jet cutting machine, which can be used for to cut a car in just 15 seconds. The new O'Cain plant works with 1,200 PSI water pressure at the cutting guns. „This can cut rocks like butter", says company boss David O‘Cain. He plans to build another 6 of these high-performance cutting machines over the next two years.

On the Müller Opladen machine with its 18 m machine bed, pipes of 20 "to 2.5" were efficiently and precisely cut to length and the required holes were cut. "Due to the shorter work preparation through the MO-CAM software with more than 1,700 stored cuts and the short processing time on the plant, we can significantly increase our output and achieve short payback periods," says David O‘Cain. The data is transferred to the Müller Opladen machine via the CAM module. "Cutting and bevelling takes less than a minute per cut. The CNC machine works so precisely that it can be welded directly without reworking. We save 30 to 35% working time compared to our older machines."