Mexico: Cutting system plus logistics quickly up and running

MÜLLER OPLADEN has now commissioned a complete production line consisting of a profiling system and logistics as a “blended machine” at its customer ICA (part of the well-known US Fluor Daniel Group with 2,000 employees) at its plant near Mexico City. 

The profiling system was supplied by MÜLLER OPLADEN from Germany, and the logistics by its American affiliate Watts Mueller. Since the German and U.S. systems are perfectly matched, the system was ready for operation in just a few days.

The machine is designed for pipes up to 12 m in length and 1,500 mm (60 in.) in diameter. The infeed conveyor, cutting conveyor, ejection unit and storage tables – all of the finest quality – are perfectly matched.

Thanks to its extensive CAM software, ICA has integrated the MÜLLER OPLADEN technology perfectly into its production process. “Bien gestionado!”