Million-dollar order for shipyard in Russia

A huge new shipyard has been built near the Russian port of Murmansk. Here the process equipment for a second LNG plant is to be built for Novatek, Russia’s biggest private energy company. A million-dollar deal for MÜLLER OPLADEN.

This major order came about on the strength of a project participant’s excellent experience with MÜLLER OPLADEN technology in operation in Russia. Novatek is also impressed by the 6-CNC axis design and the associated flexibility in the machining of various pipes and tubes. The fact that MÜLLER OPLADEN has a sales and service base in Russia has also been a major factor in this project, as this is an assurance of handling and technical support.

Drilling platforms, production equipment for offshore projects and other large structures are to be realized at the new Kola Shipyard. For example, two docks 400 m long and 16 m deep will be built on the site.

In the last few weeks MÜLLER OPLADEN has commissioned six large production machines at the Novatek shipyard. These are five pipe profiling machines – two of them with fully automated logistics – and a profiling robot for steel girders. MÜLLER OPLADEN built these machines in Germany and shipped them to Russia in a very short time. A real showcase project for flexibility, efficiency and German-made quality!