News from MÜLLER OPLADEN: Strategic partner of Watts Specialties in the USA

News from MÜLLER OPLADEN: Strategic partner of Watts Specialties in the USA

Complementary product ranges and establishment of a joint sales, development and service platform

Since December 2016, MÜLLER OPLADEN has been a shareholder of Watts Specialties, a well-known US technology company based in Puyallup, 25 kilometers from Seattle in Washington State. Right next door to the headquarters of such global players as Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon, we are truly where the action is.

The company now known as Watts Mueller Industries is run by former Vernon Tool managers David Carr and Dave Dunham. The company ties between MÜLLER OPLADEN and Watts Specialties make sound strategic sense, as the existing product lines dovetail outstandingly in terms of technology. Watts Specialties develops, produces and sells pipe profile cutting machines with one, two or four axes for round pipes, usually up to a pipe diameter of 1,200 mm (48 inch). MÜLLER OPLADEN is globally famed for large pipe profile cutting machines with 6 or 7 CNC axes on which symmetrical components with diameters up to 4,000 mm (160 inch) can be processed. With German-made machines for cutting round pipes, tanks, dished ends, box sections and steel girders and with automated welding systems, the portfolio complements the Watts Specialties product line perfectly.

With the advance of Industry 4.0, single machines are increasingly becoming parts of interlinked and complex overall processes, so the established feed systems developed by Watts Specialties are now coming into their own. The portfolio strategy envisages using these feed systems in both machine environments.

The software solutions of the two companies complement each other well, yielding what is currently the most extensive software package available in the industry for job scheduling, CAM, cutting optimization, supply of management information etc.

The machines can be purchased from both companies. Watts Specialties is responsible for the sale, service and maintenance of MÜLLER OPLADEN machines on the North American continent, while the MÜLLER OPLADEN team handles the sale and maintenance of Watts Specialties machines outside North America. We are thus pooling our resources and exploiting synergies.

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