Development of pioneering technology in 3D pipe profile cutting
22. May 2017
New pipe flange welding system for automated production lines
18. September 2017

A special customer story in 3D profile cutting

A special customer story in 3D profile cutting

US customer Top Coat slashes cutting costs by half!

The first meeting came about at the FabTech 2015 trade show in Chicago, where Top Coat’s General Manager Jason Hayes was instantly fascinated by MÜLLER OPLADEN’s technology. Producing pressure vessels, pipes (connection pieces) and dished ends on a single machine was still unheard-of in the USA. In Houston, only a week after the show, Hayes and MÜLLER OPLADEN Sales Director Jan Sulimma signed the contract for this unique hybrid machine.

Top Coat was already impressed by the unique 6-CNC-axis pipe profile cutting machine from Germany, and MÜLLER OPLADEN got the biggest machine on the US market up and running. Since then, Top Coat has been cutting pressure vessels, pipe connection pieces and dished ends with diameters up to 3,000 mm with complete ease – and reports slashing its cutting costs by half!

The Watts Specialties PypeServer job scheduling software is currently being integrated in the machine and its environment so that the upstream planning and preparation processes can be optimized further at Top Coat.

Top Coat is a family-run business that initially performed repairs on offshore production platforms and coated components. Business has since expanded to include the production of pressure vessels and components for the pipeline industry as well as subcontracting.

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