Are you looking for an oxy fuel cutting machine to profile cut your metal pipes?

Mueller Opladen offers you the stationary pipe profile cutting machines for cutting pipes with oxy fuel. We could offer you propane of acetylene gas for cutting your pipes with oxy fuel cutting.

Visit the website of Mueller Opladen Gmbh to see the different machine models we offer for pipe profiling.

Basically, the company offers for oxy fuel cutting of steel pipes and pressure vessels the Watts, Compact, Classic and Heavy-duty Series. The Watts and Compact machine series are more basic machines for profiling pipe diameters with up to 6 axis that are controlled over the CNC software.

More versatile machines with more option possibilities are the Classic and the Heavy-duty series, go to the Classic serie webpage for more information, pictures and videos.

oxy machine for cutting pipes

Standard the MO-Classic is containing an oxy fuel cutting torch additionally a plasma power source could be added in order to cut with the same robotic arm also plasma. We can advise you on which oxy fuel cutting and plasma options will suit your pipe cutting work best, please drop us an email with the pipe work details and we quote you the most suitable machine and cutting options.

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CNC pipe cutting machines for profile cutting    
Machine seriesPipe diameter range in mmPipe diameter range in inchesNumber of CNC axes
Compact series

 50 to 914 mm   

 2 “to 36”6th
Watts series 50 to 1220 mm 2 “to 48” up to 4
Classic series 50 to 2032 mm 2 “to 80”7th
Heavy-duty series

200 to 4064 mm

 8 “to 160”6th

If you require assistance with selecting the most suitable Automatic CNC pipe cutting machine for your pipe work send us to email with your scope of work and we offer accordingly. 

The Oxy machines that we offer for 3D pipe profile cutting or so-called pipe coping are all stationary machines with horizontal and vertical slide. The vertical column of the oxy machine slides along a horizontal slide on a beam. in this way the oxy fuel cutting torches on the vertical column can move a long the length of the pipe and the cutting head with the cutting torches could move up and down on the vertical column to adapt to the pipe diameter that is in the cnc profile cutting machine.

machine for tube and pipe profiling cutting for 3D shapes

The above picture is stationary pipe profile cutting machine with oxy fuel and plasma cutting torches and roller conveyors.

watch this video of the MO-Compact to see how our stationary pipe profile cutting machines operate.

More information about the MO-Compact you will find on this dedicated webpage for the MO-Compact for this machine series. 

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visit the website from Mueller Opladen to see the different oxy machines we offer for cnc profile cutting with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting options.

Oxy fuel pipe cutting machine for cnc pipe profile cutting

All the machines for CNC pipe profiling from Mueller Opladen are standard equipped with an oxy fuel pipe cutting torch, although plasma cutting is more accurate still oxy fuel cutting is a very widely used cutting technology world-wide.

Within the thermal cutting the oxy fuel cutting and plasma cutting are the options that Mueller Opladen standard offers in their stationary pipe cutting machines for pipe profiling .

Mueller offers oxy fuel pipe cutting machines for profiling up to 36 inch in the MO-Compact series, visit the webpage of the MO-Compact series in order to get more information and videos about this machine and to see in the video how this machine with the robotic arm is 3D profiling with oxy fuel pipes. The MO-Compact machines are only suitable to profile cut steel pipes and pressure vessels.

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CNC pipe profiling machine

Oxy fuel pipe cutting machine – MO COMPACT

Mueller offers are machines for oxy fuel pipe cutting, examples of these machine series are the MO-Classic for CNC profiling pipes, pressure vessels, domes, girders, beams, square pipe and box sections. visit the MO-Classic webpage for more information, pictures and videos. All the solutions for profiling other workpieces than pipes and pressure vessel on the MO-Classic machines are options.

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Are you looking to invest in an stationary oxy pipe cutter?

Mueller Opladen is manufacturing oxy pipe cutters for the complete range of 2 ”to 160” (50 to 4064 mm) visit the website of Mueller Opladen to gather more technical information about the pipe cutters that cut with oxy fuel and or plasma. These machines could 3D profile your pipes and tubes according to the uploaded CAD files with the reliefs, shapes and contours as required.

Mueller Opladen has been manufacturing and selling stationary pipe profiling machines since 1953, the MO-Compact goes up to 36 ”and is capable of CNC profiling pipes and pressure vessels.

Other machines are focusing on larger diameter pipes and more on a wider range of profiling than only pipes and pressure vessels, For example our MO-Classic machine range is able to do also profiling of square workpieces such as beams and girders. The MO-Classic could be equipped as an oxy pipe cutter but also plasma cutting could be added for profiling pipes.

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profile cutting machines for pipes and tubes

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