Pipe coping machines for profiling pipes, manufactured by Mueller Opladen

A pipe coping machine is a machine that cuts out 3D contours, reliefs, shapes from steel pipe to prepare that same pipe for future pipe fitting to another steel part. This cutting of reliefs and shapes could be called coping or profiling within the metal industry these terms most relate to steel pipe and steel beam cutting work.

Mueller Opladen is a German machine manufacturer that is offering stationary machinery for cnc pipe coping and cnc beam coping. The cutting process on these machines is a thermal cutting process, it can be with plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. The company started in the 1950s to start manufacturing the first stationary cnc pipe coping machine with oxy-fuel cutting.

Since that first machine the company offers the metal industry the most advanced 3D pipe coping machine that enables end users of the machine to do accurate 3D profile cutting of steel. Mueller Opladen has over 70 years of engineering and manufacturing know-how in pipe coping machinery.

The MO-Compact and the MO-Classis are the most sold stationary machines to the pipe spool fabrication industry world-wide. Because these machines offers the end users to the most reliable and accurate thermal cutting solution for tubes, pipes or pressure vessels world-wide.

Go to the webpage of the MO-Classic to see the machine in operation on a video and to get more technical information on different machine models within the MO-Classic machine series.

From this webpage you could always contact us directly for support or advice to select the right profile cutting machine and thermal cutting process with it.

Visit the website of Mueller Opladen for more information about pipe coping machines and other machines related to CNC pipe profile cutting. you could also send us your inquiry for pipe coping by email to mail@mueller-opladen.de

Besides that offering and selling the most durable and high-quality machines for cnc pipe coping the company Mueller Opladen is having reliable machines for sale in the cnc beam coping and square profile coping segment


Mueller Opladen sold over 1700 stationary pipe coping machines over the years, the history of selling pipe coping machine for profile cutting goes back to the year 1953. 

Nowadays, the company manufactures CNC pipe coping machines in the United States and in Germany. The American company that is connected to Mueller Opladen  it is the company Watts-Mueller.

pipe coping and profiling machines

The following machine series are pipe coping machines: Watts Series, Compact Series, Classic Series, Heavy-duty series. The Watts and Compact series are more standard machines. And the Classic series are more designed for more complex 3D pipe coping profiles.

All the CNC pipe coping machines that Mueller Opladen offers are coping the pipes with oxy-fuel or plasma in a 3D robotic arm controlled over the CNC of the machine. All common cutting profiles are standard in the machine there are options to add different cutting profiles to the software of the machine, with MOCAM software you could upload your CAD files and edit these according to you requirement.

Email us for advise or request for quotations on mail@mueller-opladen.de

Our CNC pipe coping machines are versatile machines that preform all 3D profiling shapes that are common in the pipe fabrication industry and occurring in the pipe welding jobs. With our CNC pipe coping machines , you can send orders to the machine from the office. Another advantage is that with the MOCAM software the machine is equipped with software to edit profile cuts and to do nesting of branch pipes connections to mother pipes.

Contact us for quotations on our pipe coping machines that cover pipe diameters from 50 mm to 4064 mm (2 “to 160”) by sending us your pipe coping request on email to mail@mueller-opladen.de 

3D cutting with oxyfuel on pipes
profile cutting machines for pipes and tubes

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