Pipe cutting machines for CNC profile cutting

There are different ways to do pipe cutting or at least separate the pipe in multiple parts another one is separation by pipe sawing. The machines for pipe cutting are divided into cold cutting machines to cut pipe or hot cutting process to cut metal pipes. The cold cutting process vary from cutting with a sawing method or another one is cutting with a force or pressure; the last option is to do cold cutting with a cutting bit that machines the pipe by rotating.

The hot cutting process that Mueller Opladen is using for profiling pipe is profiling and cutting by oxy-fuel cutting or plasma cutting.


Visit our dedicated webpage for the  MO-Classic series that offers your 3D pipe cutting abilities. Visit the www.mueller-opladen.de for more information about our CNC pipe profiling machines.

Mueller Opladen is manufacturing CNC pipe cutting machines since 1953 the pipe is rotating on rollers or a roller bed and a robotic arm with multiple axis is able to 3D profile the metal with thermal cutting processes.

plasma pipe cutting machine

The machines offered by Mueller have a diameter range from OD 2 “to 160”. Contact us for a pipe cutting quote on mail@mueller-opladen.de

Different pipe cutting machines of Mueller Opladen are offered for different purposes, the MO Compact series are basic machines with 6 CNC axis for profiling metal pipes by thermal cutting. Still this machine series has to option to both use oxyfuel cutting and plasma cutting.

Please watch the video of the MO-Compact at the right hand side of this webpage.

Contact us by email for your pipe cutting or profiling request by email on mail@mueller-opladen.de

On the website of Muller Opladen , you will find different thermal cutting solutions the machines are not only designed for pipe cutting but a different series is designed for profiling square pipe, beams, U-channels, H-beams, angle steel and tees. Go here to the product page for our CNC beam profiler .

Hot pipe cutting process of our CNC pipe profile cutting machines

Hot cutting is performed by a thermal torch (plasma or oxy-fuel) and is mounted to the last axis of a multi-axis CNC profile cutting machine.

The axis of the multi-axis machine are powered by electric motors and are synchronized to create a path for the torch and pipe that yield a desired profile. The synchronization of axis is accomplished either mechanically, via cams, levers and gears, or electronically, via controllers.

The cnc pipe profile cutting machines from mueller opladen us also an hot cutting proces.

Thermal profile cutting and pipe cutting

Thermal profile cutting is a mechanized industrial process that cuts steel with heat input via a torch, the machine could move the torch in all directions in order to create the desired contour or shape in the steel according to the data of the CNC systems.

Thermal profile cutting methods that are these days used in the profile cutting machines of Müller Opladen GmbH are oxy-fuel and plasma. 

pipe profiling machine

Müller Opladen GmbH is a manufacturer and engineer of stationary thermal pipe profiling and beam profiling machines that cut the profiles with autogen or plasma.

Visit the website www.mueller-opladen.de to see the different kinds of machines for thermal profiling.

Go here directly to pipe profiling webpage or the beam profiling webpage of Müller Opladen Gmbh.

Examples of typical shapes with thermal profiling on metal pipes are straight cuts, miter profiles, saddle cuts and midsection holes. Contact us for your profiling request for pipe or beam profiling on mail@mueller-opladen.de

Complex profiling cuts are usually required to prepare a pipe with certain shape as a preparation for further pipe branch welding to the mother pipe. All machines offered by all this is related to metal pipe fabrication industry and pipe welding or pipe spool welding. The hot cutting process is performed by means of a thermal torch (with oxyfuel or plasma)

Mueller is providing the most advanced high-quality stationary machines for pipe and beam profiling .

Go here directly to the website of Mueller opladen.

contact us on mail@mueller-opladen.de for cnc pipe profile cutting machine offers.

3D oxy fuel cutting machine for profile cutting steel

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