Pipe profiling machines from Mueller Opladen are robust and high-quality machines that offer you reliability and accuracy.

The thermal pipe profiling machines from Mueller Opladen GmbH are amongst others the world’s best quality machines. The machine manufacturer Müller Opladen Gmbh has a long existing experience in engineering, manufacturing and innovation on stationary machinery for both pipe profiling and beam profiling.

Watch the MO-Classic video  to see this 3D pipe profiling machine in operation and visit the webpage here of this machine series.

The first pipe profiling machine that was manufactured by the company was manufactured in the year 1953 since than the company stayed ahead competition based on quality and innovation. Mueller offers a wide range of pipe profiling machines with cutting sources like autogen or plasma. Mueller offers stationary machines for profiling that could do beams and pipes as well.

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Visit here the different machines for pipe profiling and click here for the machines focusing on beam profiling

Mueller Opladen is a well-known manufacturer in the pipe fabrication industry for its pipe profiling machine and the high-quality standard it offers besides its reliability that comes with the way the machines are manufactured and engineered.

Over the past 70 years the experience in manufacturing and engineering enables the company to always keep improving the quality and durability of the machinery. For example the MO-Classic series offers a 7 axis machine to allow you to perform all required shapes and contours in the plasma or oxyfuel cutting process when profiling the pipe.

G o here to the dedicated webpage to get on overview on all CNC pipe profiling machine series Offered by Mueller Opladen.

profiling pipes machine

Mueller Opladen is situated in town Opladen in Germany, the company is doing the engineering, purchase and manufacturing of the equipment in one location.

The aim of the company is to offer all end customers in shipyards, offshore constructions, plant construction or pressure vessel manufacturing a reliable machine that could be seen as the Mercedes under all stationary pipe profiling machines in the world.

Mueller Opladen is offering world’s most advanced CNC pipe profiling machine on the market.

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Mueller is selling world wide pipe profiling machines are installing all these machines with their own people also worldwide. During the installation the end users and the operators on the machine are being training in such a way that they could operate with the machine.

The software that is on the central control of the pipe profiling machine is made very straight forward and simple to work with. But still if you have a question and employee from the service team could easily log in to the machine from remote and they could assist you from remote and over the phone.

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Our Compact, Classic, Watts and Heavy-Duty series machines are designed as pipe profiling machines. With this portfolio for pipe profiling we offer a great solution to the complete pipe fabrication market. The most advanced machine range for pipe profiling is the MO-Classic series this with for pipe profiling machine models covering together the range from pipe diameter 2 ”to 80”.

The MO-Classic series has an extra CNC axis compared to the MO-Compact, with this 7 th axis this machine is even more versatile for profile cutting other workpieces than only metal pipe. The machine can also profile cut for example pressure vessels, girders, beams, U-channels, H-Beams and more. Go to the webpage of the MO Classic series and watch the video to get a better understanding about this machine for profiling.

cnc pipe and tube profile cutting machine

Mueller Opladen is well-known in the world of pipe fabrication for it’s high-quality and reliable stationary pipe profiling machines that have the latest innovation in technique and software.

The first pipe profiling machine for profiling cutting was manufactured and sold in the year 1953, that first machine was having only oxy-fuel cutting as a thermal cutting solution. Over the years the company stayed innovating and developing the pipe profiling machines. Later on the complete machine was controlled over CNC and of course plasma cutting was invented and it became part of the cutting options in the pipe profiling machines from Mueller as well.

Thesedays, Mueller Opladen is still having the strategy to provide the highest-quality stationary pipe profiling machines of the world. The company is offering robust and reliable pipe profiling machines that are able the deal with heavy-duty industrial use and continuous operation. Visit our website for more information, pictures and videos.

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For pipe profile cutting Mueller Opladen is having its standard machine portfolio but the company is also offing solutions to think together with the end customer what the best possible solution could be. For example, we advise on which oxy-fuel or plasma cutting solution would fit best the end customers needs. But, besides that we are also looking at the most convenient machine model for your request. Basically, we ask you questions about your pipe work and want to investigate what your real need is for CNC pipe profiling and which of our options and machines would fit best to your work.

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Mueller Opladen is a manufacturer of CNC pipe profiling machines with robotic arms that with multiple axis profile cut all contours that are in the uploaded CAD drawing. Our machines are real 3D pipe profiling machines because all shapes and contours can be cutted with our 3D robotic cutting arm with cutting torches on them.

cnc pipe profiling machinesThe stationary pipe profiling machines that are world-wide installed by Mueller Opladen are enabling the end customers to work with the world’s most advanced CNC pipe profiler for stationary use.

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3D oxy fuel cutting machine for profile cutting steel

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