Most welding is done world-wide by GTAW and GMAW welding processes on steel piping and pipe spools. More and more are pipe fabrication activities getting more involved in automated process and more machinery that are connected to each other. Especially with the new trends within Internet of things and Industry 4.0 we are seeing that complete pipe fabrication shops can be controlled and monitored from one central control unit.

In these automated pipe fabrication shops the pipe spool welding and other pipe welding activities are automated by over internet connected machines. Examples of pipe spool welding machines are column and boom welding, circumferential seam welding and spool rotating welding machines.

Mueller Opladen offers different butt welding and socket welding machines that are used in pipe spool welding. Visit website for the automated welding machines.

The automated welding machines we offer for pipe to fitting connections will help you to automate your welding process and therefore increase your productivity and also the quality level compared to manual welding.

Below you see 3 examples of profile cuts that are done with our CNC cutting machines for pipes :

profile cutted pipe with MO-Compact3D pipe profile cuts3d pipe profiling over cnc controls




One of the stationary machines we offer for 3D profiling is the MO-Compact this the machine model that is covering pipe diameters up to 36 “. The machine could be equipped with MOCAM software this is in fact a CAD-CAM program to upload CAD technical Drawings of the profile cut and if this is uploaded than you could check and edit setting and measurements of the profile cut in the CNC software of the CNC cutting machine. 

visit the webpage of the MO-Compact directly for more technical information and videos.

This CAD-CAM program allows you to perform multiple 3D profile cuts such as:

  • Hole cutting
  • Miter cutting
  • Saddle cutting
  • Cutting holes for branch connections.
  • slot cutting
  • offshore cuts
  • chamfers, bevels, groove cuts
  • straight cuts

Watch here the video of the MO-Compact in operation 

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Pipe spools exist of a number of raw pipes and pipe fittings ( e.g elbows, bended pipe, flanges, tees and reducers) in fabrication shops. Raw pipes are cutted or sawed to the required length and internally transported to the pipe fitting segment of the pipe fabrication activities within the factory. In the pipe fitting segment, the raw pipes and fittings are aligned and tag welded together on a fit-up table or a fit-up pipe support.

The tag welding process is most of the time TIG or MIG welding process and exist of a few small tags on the connection to the pipe and the fitting in order to algin and hold them together.

pipe spool welding machine














After the tag welding that is done by the pipe fitter the second step in the pipe fabrication process is the welding of the pipe to fitting connecting with putting in the root, hot pass and the cap. Of course, in many pipe fabrication activities around the globe manual welding with GMAW or GTAW is still very often used. But many of the welding processes on spool fabrication can be automated and Mueller Opladen offers different machine solutions for welding automation.

Visit the website of Mueller Opladen for 3D pipe profile cutting machines but also for automated welding solutions that do circumferential welding with butt welding and fillet welding connections for example for pipe spool welding.

3D pipe profiling for pipe spool welding