Manufacturing and assembling a steel pipe spool with different production steps.

The equipment that is manufactured by Mueller Opladen is used for pipe spool production, because we manufacture machines that can profile cut holes in mother pipes for branch connections but also are we able to bevel and chamfer with our stationary pipe profilers. Next to that is it possible to do saddle cutting and miter cutting on pipe ends in order to weld the pipe to pipe connection.

We also offer automated pipe spool welding machinery for butt welding connections.

Visit the website of Mueller Opladen to see the different possibilities we offer for profile cutting of pipe and our automated pipe spool welding machinery.

Pipe spools are fabricated components that will become a part of an installed piping system. Pipe spools are most of the time straight pipes welded to elbows, tees, flanges or bended pipe (fittings).

In general, a fitting is the part of the spool than is not a straight pipe, therefore it could be an elbow, tee, bended pipe, reducer or flange. A single spool or so-called straight spool is existing of one straight pipe with one fitting. The factory or pipe shop manufactures the spools based on engineering drawings with measurements and also shows how pieces have to be welded to each other. These engineering drawings from the fabricated spool shows the pipe fitters and pipe welders also how the pipes and pipe fittings have to be cutted and profiled to prepare them for the welding process.

Cutting, pipe fitting and welding are the most important three phases with normal pipe fabrication and these same three phases also apply for pipe spool fabrication. Most pipe related fabrication is related to steel constructions, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry or offshore and oil & gas related industries.

Before assembling a pipe spool, the raw pipe needs to be cutted to length and profiled for further welding.

Mueller Opladen offers stationary 3D profile cutting machines for profiling straight pipes. For example visit the webpage of the MO-Classic this machine is profile cutting pipes with thermal cutting process like the other profile cutting machines from Mueller Opladen.

The MO-Classic 3D pipe profiler makes the work of the people in the pipe shop a little easier because all 3D profile cutting macro’s are in the CAD-CAM system of the machine, even custom made macro’s could be purchased and uploaded. This software allows you to upload CAD drawings of the pipe spool which tells the machine how to cut and profile the pipe according to the right shape, angle and contour of the desired drawing. The operator could even re-measure and edit profile cuts in the CAD-CAM program and he could upload multiple CAD drawings to get the complete pipe spool assembly overview for a better understand of how the complete piping system should look like.


Our profile cutting process for profile cutting steel pipe spools is enabling the factory to do accurate 3D pipe profile cutting and our multiple axis machine also gives you the adaptive control for deviations in the outer diameter of the steel pipe.

Before the pipe profiler is cutting the pipe it is first scanning the pipe on deviations such as out of roundness, weld beads, flat parts or other. The scanning phase of the pipe transfers the digital information to the machine and based on this information the pipe profiler knows how to adapt on the out-of-roundness with the different axis.

This is also the main reason why Mueller Opladen always has at least 6 CNC axis built in their stationary pipe profile cutting machines. 4 axis are required for normal operation and the other two are needed for adaptive control and still providing a smooth and accurate 3D profile cut that can be used for further processing in the fabrication of assembling pipe spools.

Butt welding machines and socket welding machines for pipe spool welding

Mueller Opladen manufactures automated solutions with butt welding and socket welding processes for pipe spool welding. In this case we see pipe spool welding as a “straight spools” being a straight pipe to a pipe fitting. Mueller offers circumferential seam welding solutions than can be used both for butt welding and socket welding connections between the pipe and the pipe fitting, visit the dedicated webpage of Mueller for circumferential welding and column and boom welding.

Contact us on for a quotation on an automated machine for pipe spool welding of straight spools (pipe to fitting connection) and butt welding or socket welding processes.

Besides the circumferential welding machine that is rotating the pipe spool during the welding process, we also offer the versatile automated column and boom welding machines for many different applications in welding.

Another example of Mueller Opladen a straight pipe spool welding machine is the pipe to flange welding machine that is invented to weld two flanges to one pipe.


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