Plasma cutter machine for pipe profiling

All thermal profile cutting of metal pipes is done by oxyfuel and plasma cutters in stationary machines. For the plasma cutting of pipe Kjellberg and Hypertherm are our suppliers for the plasma power source that is connected to our cutting torches. 

Our company  offers several kinds of stationary machines all with a horizontal and vertical column slides to profile cut with the  plasma cutter  a long the full length of the pipe and to use the vertical column to differ in height for different pipe diameters.

Mueller Opladen  is since the 1950s manufacturing and selling stationary plasma pipe cutter and oxyfuel pipe cutter machines for profiling. Plasma cutting on  stationary pipe profile cutting machines  is having the advantage to accurately cut steel and cut has better cutting abilities compared to oxy fuel cutting on stainless steel. 

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profile and cutting machine for pipes

watch this  video  of our CNC controlled 3D plasma cutter for pipe profiling 

High quality and durable stationary plasma pipe cutter and plasma tube cutter machines are available at Mueller Opladen. Visit the  website  of the company to get familiar with the different machine models Mueller offers for  CNC pipe profiling.

Besides  plasma cutter machines for pipe  is Mueller Opladen also manufacturing in it’s German factory solutions for profile cutting beams and other square profiles. Next to that could the pipe profile cutter machines be equipped with extra solutions for profiling vessel heads if the tilt able rotating clamping set is purchased by the end customer.

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mueller opladen pipe profiling machinery
flame cutting machine for profile cutting