Are you looking for a plasma cutter for profiling pipes?

Than we could offer you the right solution at Mueller Opladen , we are manufacturing stationary CNC controlled plasma cutting machines for pipe profiling and pipe coping. Mueller Opladen is a German based engineering and manufacturing company that offers high quality and robust stationary machines for plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting pipes for many years.

The stationary plasma cutter has a 3D robotic arm that it uses to make prepare the shapes during the profile cutting process of cutting with plasma or oxy-fuel.

Mueller Opladen offers plasma cutter machinery for pipes and tubes in different machine series.

The MO-Compact is a machine range used for profile cutting pipes up to 36 ”and it uses 6 CNC axes.

The MO-Compact is the more basic machine although it could do very accurate and high-quality 3D profile cutting. Visit the webpage of the MO-Compact to read more about different machines.

We offer the following MO-Compact plasma cutter machine models for profile cutting pipes:

MO-Compact 400   (for up to 406 mm pipe diameter / for up to 16 inch pipe diameter)

MO-Compact 600   (for up to 610 mm pipe diameter / for up to 24 inch pipe diameter)

MO-Compact 800    (for up to 812 mm pipe diameter / for up to 32 inch pipe diameter)

MO-Compact 900   (for up to 914 mm pipe diameter / for up to 36 inch pipe diameter)

plasma cutter machineMueller Opladen is continuously improving and innovating with their stationary pipe profile cutting machines to stay ahead of the other machine manufacturers.  Mueller Opladen is providing software for uploading CAD drawings from pipes with profile cuts. In the MOCAM software that Mueller offers the operator could edit the CAD file and for example add another saddle cut to the pipe. Besides that the operator could also see how a pipe branch connection on the mother spool will connect theoretically. Measurements could be checked and the branch pipe could be really 3D connected in the software of MOCAM to see if it fits in the hole on the mother pipe or mother spool.

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Besides the MO-Compact we offer the MO-Classic this is yet another stationary plasma cutter that enables you to CNC profile cut pipes, only the MO-Classic has an extra CNC axis built into the machine and this machine range could be equipped with different options for profiling also square shaped steel workpieces.

Go to the webpage of the MO Classic to see a video of the machine and to see the different machine models that we offer on this CNC plasma cutter machine.

If you watch the above video of the MO-Classic you see it is profiling pipes but also it shows a part in the video on profiling square pipe and rectangular pipe, this is because the MO-Classic could be equipped additionally with a module that allows you to CNC profile cut square pipe, rectangular pipe or box sections.

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pipe and tube profile cutting with plasma

If you visit the Mueller Opladen website you see the company is divided into different product ranges being pipe profiling machines, beam profiling machines and automated welding solutions. Mueller Opladen is manufacturing and engineering machines for pipe cutting and profiling since many years, the first profile cutting machine for pipe profiling was sold in 1953 this machine was doing the cutting only with oxy-fuel cutting.

Over the years within the pipe profiling the company began to sell full CNC controlled pipe profile cutting machines that could profile with oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting. Nowadays the company is having many different plasma cutters for sale and oxy-fuel cutters for sale.

Plasma cutter machines that are sold the most at Mueller Opladen are the MO-Compact and the MO-Classic machine series these machines could be equipped with both plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting torches. These cutting sources are controlled over the CNC software of the machine and MOCAM software to upload CAD files from pipes or other workpieces.

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cnc pipe profiling machines

Mueller Opladen has more plasma cutter for sale related to pipes and tubes, the machines that we could offer for plasma cutting and profiling besides the MO-Compact and the MO-Classic are the Watts machines that our sister company manufactures in the USA near Seattle.

For large bore pipe or large pipe diameter we also offer CNC controlled plasma cutter machines or oxy-fuel cutter machines. In many cases when it is only carbon steel pipes and heavier wall thickness than about 20 mm wall thickness oxy-fuel cutting is the best alternative.

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But, when an end customer wants higher cutting accuracy on it’s pipe cutter machine and when the wall thickness is not thick than CNC profiling with plasma is an option. Go to the dedicated website of the Heavy-Duty Series for more information on our CNC pipe profile cutting machines for pipe diameters from 80 ”to 160 inch.

Contact us for large pipe diameter plasma cutters for sale we offer, because they require special advice from our sales team. 

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All the stationary machines that Mueller Opladen sells for pipe profiling and pipe cutting world-wide are having CNC controls. One of our most popular CNC plasma cutter models is the MO-Compact 900 it is a 6 axis CNC machines covering pipe diameters from 2 ”to 36” the machine enables you to do cutting and profiling of pipes and tubes with oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting.

Watch here the video of this MO-Compact machine series to get a good impression of the capabilities of this state-of-the-art cnc plasma cutter that is offering you a robust machine design, high quality machine parts and high quality cutting and profiling results.

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pipe cutting and pipe cutter machine

Yet another CNC plasma cutter that we want to highlight is the MO Classic 1500 this is a stationary machine for profiling up to 60 inch pipe diameters, the machine has 7 CNC axis an with some options the machine could do besides metal pipes, tubes and pressure vessels also profile cut box sections, square pipe and rectangular pipe. Go here to the dedicated webpage of the MO-Classic to read more technical information and see the video and some pictures of this cnc pipe cutter machine.

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Please contact us we can assist you in offering the right machine fit suitable for your pipe profiling job. Even selecting the right oxy-fuel or plasma cutting power source is something that could be quite complex, please allow us to help you out with this contact us on and our sales team will contact you shortly.

Mueller Opladen is well-known for it’s expertise in CNC profiling, the high quality machine and for it’s high service level to customers.

Visit the website for different CNC plasma cutter machines for pipes and tubes or go to the beam profiling machine section.

tube profiling machine for 3D profiling

With our 3D plasma cutter machine you could perform any 3D profile cutting shape in steel cutting process according to the available macro’s in the plasma cutting machine.

Take the MO-Compact, this 3D profile cutting machine allows you to cut steel pipes, tubes and pressure vessels with different 3D shapes that are created by the robotic arm of the 6 axis CNC controlled machine. The MO-Compact is one of the machine series dedicated for 3D profile cutting round objects, this machine series covers in different machines models round pipe diameters up to 36 inches.

Visit the dedicated website of MO-Compact  3D plasma cutter machine to watch the video and read more technical information.

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