Plasma cutting machine for profiling steel pipe

The stationary machine on the below picture is one of the CNC controlled machines that is used for profile cutting with a thermal cutting process like plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting.

pipe plasma profiling and cutting machine

Plasma cutting machines for CNC pipe profiling  with robotic arms to perform 3D pipe profiling are manufactured by  Müeller Opladen GmbH.  There are different machine series for pipe profiling visit the website of Mueller Opladen for more information. One of the plasma cutting machines that the company offers is the MO Compact series this machine range cover in different machine models the complete range up to 36 inch (914mm)

MO-Compact machine for CNC plasma cutting and profiling pipe

The  MO Compact profiling machine  can cut or profile metal pipes with plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting processes, we can advise you on which plasma source is most suitable for your pipe work, pipe wall thicknesses and steel material.

Watch the video here of the MO-Compact pipe profile cutter.

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plasma cutting pipe

The  plasma cutting machines  have a cutting torch on a robotic arm with multiple axis, this robotic arm allows you to do all profile cutting shapes and reliefs on metal pipes. The machine is controlled over a CNC software and could be equipped with  MOCAM software  to allow you to upload CAD files and edit these based on your request. Besides this is there also software that is providing a nesting function to see how one profile cut on a pipe fits to another one.

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CNC plasma cutting pipe

The stationary  CNC pipe plasma cutting machines  from Mueller Opladen are excellent high-quality machines for 3D pipe profiling. The MO-Classic and the MO-Compact machine series are examples of machines for plasma cutting pipe.

These stationary machines are fully CNC controlled for cutting of pipe by plasma and oxyfuel. Go to the  website  of Mueller Opladen, the manufacturer of these CNC multiple axis machines for profiling pipes. On this website you will find different  plasma cutting machines models  for different pipe diameter ranges. 

Please watch this  video  of a CNC plasma cutting machine from Mueller Opladen that can do 3D profile cutting with plasma and or oxy-fuel cutting.

All stationary  plasma cutting pipe solutions  from Mueller Opladen have a system where the rotating chuck is rotating the metal pipe while it is being profiled, under the cutting head with robotic arm that can move up and down on the vertical and horizontal column of the  plasma cutting machine.  The profile cutting head of the machine is profiling the pipe while rotating. The torches on the cutting head are 3D profiling 370 degrees in to be able to provide all shapes.

3D pipe plasma cutting machine










Machine with 7 CNC axis for 3D profile cutting pipes and square shaped steel

One of the most sold machine series for plasma cutting pipes and square shaped steel is the MO-Classic , because this machine is having 7 different CNC axis to provide you more than enough 3D profiling capabilities to compensate for out of roundness of metal pipes and to be able to perform all common preset contours and shapes that are already in the  3DPP software  of the machine. This machines is having an extra axis compared to our other profiling machines for only pipes, with this extra axis this machine is capable of also optionally profile cut box sections, square pipe and rectagnular pipe. Contact us for more information on

The  MO-Classic series  has different machine models for plasma cutting pipe, these are for the full pipe diameter range from 2 ”to 80” (from 50 to 2032 mm) the smallest model being the MO-Classic 600 covering up to 615 mm ( 24 “) and the largest machine within this series is the MO-Classic 2000 that covers pipe diameters from 3” to 80 “(from 80 to 2032 mm) 

If you require more information about the different plasma cutting options in our machines it would be best to send us an email  with the steel material, diameters and the wall thicknesses you want cut by plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting. Our sales team will handle you email with questions shortly and they will advise on the best solution.

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machine for profiling steel pipe
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