Plasma cutting machines from Mueller Opladen  for profiling pipes and tubes

The big advance of plasma cutting compared to oxy-fuel cutting is that with the plasma cutting used for profiling metal pipes or beams the steel material does not need to be preheated before you want to start cutting. The fact that you do not need to preheat the material saves obviously an extra step in the fabrication process.

plasma cutting machine for pipes

Besides that, another advantage of plasma cutting is that it outperforms oxy-fuel  in speed and accuracy. On thinner steel material plasma is especially faster than oxy-fuel cutting, and plasma has minimal or no metal distortion. 

Mueller Opladen  manufacturers  stationary pipe profiling machines  that cut with plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting processes. Mueller Opladen will assist you in finding the best suitable thermal cutting solution. Therefore contact us on  or navigate through our website to find the right profile cutting machine for your pipe fabrication job on

On thicker steel oxy-fuel cutting or so called autogen cutting is the better option, because it could better pierce and cut through thick steel. Mueller Opladen is offering different kinds of ways of 3D cutting with autogen. We could for example offer acetylene or propane gas for oxyfuel cutting.

plasma cutting machine for pipe profiling

Pipe plasma profile cutting machine

Mueller Opladen offers many different kind of CNC controlled pipe plasma cutting machines for pipe diameters of 2 “to 160” visit the website of the company to see all the different machines for pipe profile cutting and all the options.

Plasma cutting machine for 3D profiling metal square workpieces

Besides plasma profiling machines the company offers machines for profiling square workpieces such as U-channels, HEB-beams, H-beams, T-beams, square pipe and rectangular pipes. Navigate to the MO-ROBO series for more information about 3D profiling square profiling with plasma or oxy-fuel. This MO-Robo 3D profile cutting machine is engineered for profiling square and rectangular shaped steel.

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We also have the MO-Classic machine for plasma cutting round pipe and square profiles such box sections, square pipe and rectangular pipe. see the technical drawing below show round and square object in the CNC profile cutting machine.

plasma cutting machine for pipes and square profiles

machine for profiling steel pipe
oxy fuel cutting
3D pipe profiling for pipe spool welding
3D oxy fuel cutting machine for profile cutting steel