Plasma pipe cutter machine for cnc pipe profiling

There are several stationary pipe cutter machines on the world market, Mueller Opladen is selling worldwide to the pipe fabrication industry plasma pipe cutter machines and oxyfuel pipe cutter machines. Plasma pipe cutter machines  from Mueller enable you to CNC profile cut with plasma metal pipes, this means that preset cutting profiles in the software of the machine are being cutted. the machine can be equipped with a plasma cutting source with the cutting torch on a robotic arm that cuts the steel. This is a fully 3D pipe plasma cutting machine , go to the  website of Mueller Opladen  to see the different machine models for pipe diameters from from 50 mm up to 4064 mm (160 inch)

Mueller Opladen is manufacturing the MO-Compact machine series for round shaped steel like tubes and pipes, this machine range with different machine models covers the pipe diameter range of 2 “to 36”. Please visit the webpage of the MO-Compact for more information and videos.

We also offer pipe profile cutter machines for larger diameters for example the MO-Classic for diameters up to 80 “(2032 mm) and the MO-Heavy-duty for diameters between 80” (2032) mm and 4064 mm (160 “). For more information visit this overview page with all different machine models and links to the right webpages. Mueller Opladen has many different 3D cutting machines for sale.

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Advanced CNC pipe cutter machine: MO-Classic

The  MO-Classic machines  are more advanced plasma pipe cutter machines with more CNC axis for more complex 3D profile cuts. The Classic series has up to 7 CNC axis and the pipe diameter range it covers with different machine models are from 50 mm up to 2032 mm (up to 80 inches). The bigger brother of the Classic series is the  Heavy-Duty series  for large diameter pipes from 80 inch to 160 inch.

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pipe profile cutting machine
mueller opladen pipe profiling machinery
flame cutting machine for profile cutting

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