Mueller Opladen is manufacturing machines for plasma pipe cutting that enable you to do 3D profile cutting in your steel pipe or tubes. The machines have different macros in the software for a standard range of profile cuts, even specific or custom made profile cut macros could be added for your profile cutting job. Mueller Opladen is offering 3D pipe coping machines that are having the option to do the cutting process with plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting, we will advise you on your pipe work which of the wide scale of plasma cutting and oxy fuel options we can offer to suit your need best.

Mueller Opladen is offering a wide range of plasma pipe cutting machines the complete range of machines with different machine models cover outside diameter 2 ”to 160” visit the website of Mueller Opladen to get familiar with the company and the high-quality CNC pipe profile cutting machines that they offer since the 1950s.

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All stationary machines for 3D pipe profile cutting have at least 6 CNC axis that allow you to preform all standard profile cuts that are most common worldwide. The machine is controlled by one operator over a stand-alone control panel. Our MO-Compact machine series is the machine range that covers pipe diameter from 2 ”to 36” all these machines have 6 CNC axis, two CNC axis are used to use for cutting out of round pipes and adapt on out of roundness with a high quality cut.

Watch here in the right handside the video of the MO-Compact machine. we offer this machine for pipes, tubes and pressure vessel profiling in the range of OD 2 “to 36”.

plasma pipe cutting machine for 3D pipe profiling

On the above picture of the MO-Compact plasma pipe cutting machine you will see that there is a horizontal and vertical slide (axis) on the machine, we use the horizontal slide on the pipe cutting machine to go along side the length of the pipe in order to prepare profile cuts in between the two ends of the pipe. This might be necessary to for example do some hole cutting, hole set in cutting, slot hole cutting, or hole and saddle cut in the steel pipe.

We can show you on our website what kind of pipe profile cut we can do on the machines, go to the profile cutting shapes dedicated website to get understanding.

pipe profile cutting shape







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Our thermal cutting machines could operate both with plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting sources, with a 3D cutting torch many different shapes, reliefs and contours during the cutting process could be performed. The machines are being used in pipe fabrication industry such as offshore construction, shipyards, petrochemical plant construction, pipeline construction, pipe spool fabrication, steel constructions, pressure vessel fabrication or pipe repair jobs.

pipe and tube plasma cutting machine

We offer different plasma pipe cutting machines, all of them show the high-quality, robust and innovate machine were Mueller Opladen stands for. The company has experience in 3D profiling of pipes since the 1950s, visit for more information.

The machines enable you to do pipe cutting, profile cutting and also pipe cutting and beveling in one step go to the MO-Classic series for machines that can do profile cutting on pipes.

Watch this video of the MO-Classic to see how this plasma pipe cutting machine operates and if it is suitable for your pipe profile cutting job.

The MO-Classic pipe profile cutting machine will help you in cutting saddle cuts, holes, miters, slots and other contours or reliefs in the steel pipes. The MO-Classis machine range is covering pipe diameters from 2 “to 80”.

The stationary MO-Classic plasma pipe cutting machine is the only high quality machine worldwide with 7 CNC axis for accurate 3D profiling pipes and square shaped steel. The MO-Classic is our most advanced stationary machine for 3D pipe profiling it is equipped with 7 CNC controlled machine axis, this is far more than other machine manufacturers offer on their cnc pipe profiler machines.

Besides that, our MO-Classic shows the years of experience in both machine building and CNC pipe profiling. The technique of how 7 axis operate together lead to the most successful result for 3D profiling it is what makes us proud.

Not only is it making us proud of offering the most high-quality and state-of-the-art machine in the industry for CNC pipe and tube profiling. It is the most reliable and robust machine for heavy duty industrial use, for example with multiple shifts in production. Our plasma pipe cutting machines are manufactured in such a robust way that the machine and the structure last for a very long time, even after years the machine is working accurately in cutting.

Visit the MO-Classic website for the different machine models and find more technical information and machine videos. You could also send us a request for quotation on one of our pipe profile cutter machine on

The MO-Classic and the MO-Compact are the 3D pipe profile cutting machines that cover the majority of the pipe fabrication and pipe welding markets world-wide. Together these machines cover the profile cutting range of 2 “to 80”.

The MO-Compact is a more basic machine but still offers you a 6 axis machine with abilities for cutting, profiling or even beveling. Next to that it is able to do cutting on out of round pipes with a mechanical pipe tracer to sends digital information to the machine computer and during the cutting process it adapts on the situation with a perfect clean cut.

3d profile cut with mueller opladen machine

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