Mueller Opladen offers CNC plasma profiling machines for pipes and tubes

Plasma profiling has quite a few advantages and benefits, which is one of the reasons that it is an often-used application in many different industries. The plasma cutting process for profiling steel uses a gas jet, charged at enormous speed (can be up to speed of sound) in order to cut metal up to 20 mm thick or more at very high temperatures reaching even 20,000 degrees Celsius or more.

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plasma profiling machine for pipes

The robotic arm on the  Mueller Opladen CNC profiling machines  have numerous advantages such as:

1.) the cutting process of a robotic plasma are up to 5 times faster than a traditional manual torch. CNC plasma cutting machines  of Mueller could reach 500 inches per minute when cutting steel, depending on the thickness and the steel kind.

2.) The plasma process could cut through a wide range of steel material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or other Austenitic stainless steels such as Inconel, Duplex or Super Duplex steel. When cutting with plasma tougher material such as Austenitic steel than in most cases the plasma cutters use nitrogen for profiling steel.

3.) Easy to use for operator of the  CNC plasma cutting machine , the operator needs some training but it is simple to operator plasma cutter machines of Mueller in combination with the software and Corobs system in the machine itself.

4.) The  plasma profiling machines  of  Mueller Opladen  are multi-tasking the macro of the CAD CAM file is easily uploaded in the software of the machine and by CNC the machine cuts exactly the  shape of the profile  as requested.

5.) The cutting process on the  profiling machines  are safe because non flammable gases are used, this is eliminating accidents with fires because of flammable gases.

6.) Plasma profiling is a cost effective method of profiling steel workpieces especially compared to the costs of profiling machines with laser or water jet cutting.

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