With autogen cutting or plasma cutting we are able to 3D cut your pressure vessels on our pressure vessel cutting machines that we manufacture for different diameter ranges. We cover the complete diameter range for 3D cutting of vessels and pipes from 50 mm up to 4064 mm diameter.

In our profile cutting machines for boilers, vessels, pressure vessels and tanks we are rotating the workpiece during the cutting process while we are cutting with oxyfuel or plasma cutting for example the beveled ratholes for nozzles or maybe slots.

Our machines are engineered and manufactured at Müller Opladen’s factory in Leverkusen we sell and install them all over the world we are manufacturing these machines already for more than 65 years. We therefore have an enormous knowledge and experience of building machines for 3D profile cutting.

Visit the website of the MO Heavy Duty to find more information on our pressure vessel cutting machines to 3D cut by thermal cutting the pressure vessels that you are fabricating.

Our company is well known in the market because we manufacture high quality German made machine with the latest innovation on software and in machine parts.

pressure vessel cutting machine

The larger diameter piping or vessels we cover with our MO Heavy Duty series.  

This machine range starts with the MO 2000/6 Heavy Duty that machine type covers vessel diameters of 200 mm to 2032 mm which is 8 “to 80”.

The largest diameter machine that we offer is the MO 4000/6 Heavy Duty this particular machine is designed for profile cutting vessels, boilers, tanks and heat exchangers with a weight up to maximum 40,000 kgs and the diameter range that this machine can 3d cut is from 200 to 4064 mm which is from 8 “to 160”.

For inquiries or quotations send us your email on mail@mueller-opladen.de

On our MO-Heavy Duty machine and on our MO-Classic machines for larger diameter round workpieces like vessels, boilers, tanks and pressure vessels we can offer an extra option to also be able to do vessel head cutting. In order to be able to do 3D cutting with oxyfuel or plasma of the head of the vessel, to create nozzle holes, ratholes, markings, slots, or another kind of 3D cutting that is required.

We offer different machines series for round workpieces like pipe and tubes. All our machines for round workpieces could be equipped with both autogen (oxyfuel) and or plasma cutting. Müller Opladen is manufacturing 3D pipe profile cutting machines for the complete range up to 4064 mm (160 inch).

Contact us on mail@mueller-opladen.de for further information and quotations, our sales team will contact you shortly to follow up.

pressure vessel and dome cutting machine



For different sizes of round pipes or vessels Müller Opladen is manufacturing 3D thermal cutting machines. These pipe and vessel cutting machines can cut your profile cuts that are in your CAD file, With our CAD-CAM software you could upload your CAD files with the right dimensions on your profile cutting job and send it to the pipe and vessel cutting machine. The machine can do the 3D cutting accordingly. We have integration with over 90 different CAD programs.

Watch the video of the MO Heavy Duty to get a better understanding of our pipe and vessel cutting machine serie that can offer you a very effective solutions of 3D cutting your pipe work and vessel cutting work. Optionally you could even add a module to do also dome cutting or so-called vessel head cutting on the same machine.

vessel and pipe cutting machine

If you have questions regarding these machines contact our sales team on mail@mueller-opladen.de

Our machines are worldwide well known for the long-lasting quality and reliability, we have commissioned machines in the 70s that are for example still operational in factories.

Go to our overview website for all our different machines for round workpieces to specify the right machine for your diameter range .

For the vessel fabrication and manufacturing industry we have a heavy-duty solution to be able to do heavy weight vessels, boilers, and tanks. Most of our customers in this industry are cutting the heavy weight vessels with propane cutting to perform 3D cutting of nozzle hole cutting, chamfered edges, slots or even ratholes.

These machines are our MO-Classic and MO-Heavy-Duty series , on these machines series are we able to offer also an extra module this is a tiltable chuck to also do the 3D cutting on the vessel head or dome.

You could also go to our webpage with an overview about all our machines for round workpieces, this webpage will direct you based on the diameter range that you have to the right machine series.

If you have questions or if you desire a quotation contact us on mail@mueller-opladen.de

dome cutting machine


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3D cutting machine for vessels, boilers and tanks

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