One of the machines offered by Mueller Opladen related to metal pipes is the profile cutter or so-called plasma profile cutter. These profile cutters you will find in factories related to pipe fabrication and construction work were welding is involved. Pipe cutting and welding industries such as shipyards, petrochemical plant construction and other oil and gas related industries are common markets where you will find end customers of the cnc profiling machines that Mueller Opladen manufacturers.

The profile cutter machines from Mueller Opladen are sold to over 1700 end users world-wide. Go to the cnc pipe profiling webpage on the website of Mueller to see the different machine types for different diameter ranges. The different pipe profile cutter machines for sale at Mueller Opladen are the MO-Compact, MO Classic, Watts and Heavy-Duty series. The main rule is that for Compact series and the Watts series have less axis than the other machines and are therefore more for standard profiling work.

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CNC controlled pipe coping machines for 3D and accurate pipe profiling

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If you require complex contours to be profiled by your profile cutter in the diameter range from OD 2 ”to 80” (from 50 mm to 2032 mm) than our MO-Classic machine series is the right fit, this machine range has different machine models and they all have their own machine range. 

The MO-Classic machine is equipped with 7 machine axis and easy to operate controls with uploading of CAD files in software of the machine.

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Besides the standard portfolio in machine series that Mueller Opladen offers there are possibilities to add modules to the pipe profile cutters that are for sale. An example of such a module that you could add to a standard profile cutter is a special clamping device to tilt the rotating clampingset to also be able to profile the heads (dished ends or caps) of pressure vessels. This one of the innovations and smart technologies that Mueller offers on standard machine as an option. Go to this page on the website to get more information on which profile cutter for sale we offer.

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State-of-the-art CNC pipe profile cutter machines

The engineering, purchase, manufacturing and sales of these CNC profile cutter machines is done in the city of Opladen, this is just north of Cologne in Germany. The company Mueller Opladen is more than 100 years old and the first CNC pipe profile cutting machine was installed at a customer in the 1950s since that first machine the company has been developing and innovating to provide the best quality machine to the market. Go to our homepage to see the different machines we offer.

The company offers high quality, reliable and accurate profile cutters for sale for pipe profiling and square profiles (workpieces) such as beams. The profile cutting machines for pipes are available for the diameter range of OD 2 ”to 160” if you go to the dedicated webpage for pipe profile cutters you see an overview of the different machine types and were, they are designed for.

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Mueller Opladen is offering for many years the option to have both thermal cutting process on the profile cutters, being the plasma and the oxy-fuel cutting process. Oxy-fuel is still a very common cutting process that is sold on the cnc profile cutter machines . Next to the oxy-fuel process a plasma cutting torch could be added in the cutting head of the robotic arm. Mueller Opladen sells Hypertherm and Kjellberg as trustable suppliers that provide the advantages in cutting with plasma.

The plasma profile cutter machines that are sold by Mueller in most cases also have the option to use oxyfuel for thick wall steel. If you require assistance in finding the right plasma for your plasma profile cutter contact us by email on

watch this video of the MO-Compact plasma profile cutter machine

Mueller Opladen offers very high-quality plasma profile cutter machines that are controlled over CNC. The machines for profile cutting have a can have up to 7 axis, the MO-Compact series offers only 6 axis and the MO-Classic series offer the 7 th axis to be able to profile cut also square and rectangular pipes. These pipes and square or rectangular workpieces you could machine with both oxy-fuel or plasma on a MO-Classic machine. Visit our homepage to get more information about our cnc plasma profile cutters for pipes and square workpieces .

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In the below technical drawing you see a MO-Classic machine for plasma profile cutting that is designed for profile cutting round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe.


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The multiple axis pipe profile machines for cutting and profiling steel pipes that are manufactured by Mueller Opladen are amongst the highest quality machines in the word. These pipe profile machines are offering you the ability to provide miter cutting, straight cutting and for example saddle cutting on your offshore construction pipes. Go to the overview to see the different profiling machines for pipes.

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Options on these profile machines for pipes are to add on modules for profiling vessel heads, square pipe add an extra torch for plasma profiling with your pipe profile machine. Visit the Mueller Opladen website and go to the pipe profiling machine overview webpage for different options.

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pipe profile cutting machine

 Besides profile machinery for pipes, the company Mueller Opladen offers CNC profilers for square workpieces such as H-beams, Rectangular pipes, square pipes and other kinds of steel beams, this is our MO-Robo series.

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pipe profile cutter machine

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