CNC profile cutting machine for profiling pipes with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting

There are different machines on the market for profile cutting many are some sort of portable but the machines that Mueller Opladen manufacturers are all stationary machines to put in the factory.

The pipes or other workpieces like beams you have to bring to the machine, because the  stationary profile cutting machine  is in a fixed location in the factory.

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The pipes that needs to be profile cutted with this machine are normally put next to the machine to build up a small stock which enables the machine operator to proceed with one pipe after the other and load them on the profile cutting machine by using the overhead crane .

The  profile cutting machines  with oxy-fuel and or plasma cutting are mostly used for preparing metal pipes with saddle cuts, miter cuts, cut out holes, rat holes and straight cuts. 

please watch this video of our MO-Classic machine for CNC pipe profile cutting.

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Profiling cutting machines for pipes, with 3D profiling over CNC controls

Our profile cutting machines exist of a column on an X-axis on this column the robotic arm with torch could slide up and down to adapt for differences in pipe diameters when pipe profiling.

Along this column the 3D moveable profile cutting robotic arm could slide up and down and 360 degrees in order to prepare all 3D shapes when profiling with its thermal cutting processes. All of the Mueller Opladen machines have at least 6 axis and could have up to 9 axis as a maximum.

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pipe profiling machineThe profile cutting machine also has a clamping mechanism were the steel pipe is clamped in, the pipe will rest on a roller bed or idler rollers that support the pipe from underneath. This clamping set rotates the pipe during the actual profile cutting process.

Mueller Opladen designed the profile cutting machines initially for profiling pipes, but there are options to make the machine suitable for profiling square pipe, rectangular beams and dished ends (from pressure vessels or boilers) as well.

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The MO-Classic is one of Mueller Opladen most versatile machines for CNC profile cutting because it could 3D cut steel round shapes and square shapes. The machines is having a stable and solid frame and an advanced robotic arm on a vertical column that it uses to change heights for adapting on different diameters. 

profile cutting machine or coping machine

The MO-Classic is the most high-quality and reliable CNC profile cutting machine worldwide for your pipe fabrication or square shape profiling activities. The machine has 7 CNC axis and besides CNC axis for normal operation and providing complete 3D profiling, the machine also has two axis for “adaptive control”.

Adaptive control means that before the workpiece is profile cutted the machine is scanning the workpiece with a laser or mechanical tracer, after that the data is transferred to the software of the machine and it tells the machine where to adapt on deviations and these two extra axis will adapt and most important still provide you a clean and smooth profile cut as desired.

Please go to the webpage of the MO-Classic to read more information and it is important to watch the video of the MO-Classic in operation. On the website there is a way to contact us for further information on quotations on this CNC profile cutting machine that allows you to do accurate 3D profile cutting.

3D profile cutting machines from Mueller Opladen

Müller Opladen GmbH is an engineer and manufacturer of the highest quality stationary CNC pipe profiling and CNC beam profiling machines in the world. The machines are manufactured in Opladen in Germany and sold worldwide. All the machines cut by thermal cutting process like plasma and oxyfuel cutting on a 3D robotic arm to create 3D cutting shapes that have been stored in the CNC of the machine.

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With the pipe profile cutting machines the company selling mostly to shipyards, offshore construction companies, pipe spool fabrication companies, pipeline construction companies and other oil and gas related branches.

Mueller could assist you with your custom-made request regarding saddle cutting and miter cutting of pipes for example or any other profile cutting machine request related to sales. We will find the most suitable profile cutting machine for sale we can offer you.

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pipe gas cutting machine for 3D cutting of pipes and tubes
mueller opladen pipe profiling machinery
flame cutting machine for profile cutting

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