With our large bore stationary profile cutting machines up to 160 inch diameter we could provide you the right accurate profiling and cutting solutions for pressure vessels and their tank heads. 

These machines for profile cutting round shaped objects like pressure vessels or pipes are manufacturing in the factory of Mueller Opladen near the city of Leverkusen. All our machines are 3D cutting with thermal cutting process like oxy-fuel and plasma. We can advise you which cutting source is best for your pipe work and kind of steel.

Watch here the video of the MO-Heavy-Duty that is 3D profile cutting large diameter pressure vessels in the range of 8 “up ​​to 160” diameter (4064 mm diameter maximum)

pressure vessel cuttingIf you are looking for a pressure profile cutting machine in the between 80 “(2032mm) and 160” 4064 mm) the MO-Heavy-duty is the right fit if you looking for the most reliable and highest quality stationary profiler in the market. This machine has 6 CNC axis and could perform all common 3D profiling shapes that are common. Ask us for the CAD-CAM system to be integrated in your machine quotation to enable you to upload CAD files and to check and edit them before confirming it to the profiling cutting program. Find more technical information and pictures on the website of the MO Heavy Duty

Yet a smaller machine, but even more versatile in adding more options is the MO-Classic series this machine series covers pressure vessel diameters of anything between 3 “(80 mm) up to 80” (2032 mm) 

The machine that is capable of cutting your pressure vessels with 3D shapes and your dished ends or so-called tank heads is the MO-Classic .

Mueller Opladen invented a stationary CNC profile cutting machine for vessel heads cutting and profiling this is the MO-Classic with some extra options.

3d pressure vessel and tank head cutting machine

Watch this video of our machine that can profile cut (pressure) vessels and vessel heads

Contact us if you require a qoutation for profile cutting your pressure vessels and vessel heads on mail@mueller-opladen.de 

pressure vessel cutting machine
vessel head, domes, dished ends cutting machine
pipe gas cutting machine for 3D cutting of pipes and tubes