Profile cutting machines for 3D pipe profiling for sale

Mueller Opladen is a manufacturer of stationary machines for pipe profile cutting. The company is offering different machine series for 3D pipe profile cutting.

The  Classic series , the  Compact series  and the  Heavy-Duty Series  are all different machine series for stationary profile cutting machines from the machine manufacturer by Müller Opladen GmbH.

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The thermal profile cutting machines that are engineered and manufactured by Mueller Opladen GmbH are solid and reliable machines that are built for heavy industrial use.

Mueller is staying ahead of competition because they keep innovating with the latest technologies that the market offers and with their own engineering department. Mueller created their own  CAD / CAM software  and nesting modules in order to make it possible to upload many different kinds of CAD formats into the profile cutting machine and the interface of the machine is made very simple to use for the operator.

The company Mueller Opladen GmbH is offering the following three  profile cutting machine series  for pipes:

The  MO-Co mpact series  of stationary profile cutting machines focus on the pipe diameters up to 36 inches

pipe profile cutting machine The above picture is showing a standard MO-Compact machine,

this machine we offer up to 914 mm (36 “) pipe diameter this is our  MO-Compact machine series 

The  MO-Classic machine series  are machines for profile cutting up to 2000 mm diameter.

The  MO-Heavy-duty machines  series for profile cutting go up to 4064 mm in diameter

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Experience in CNC profiling machine manufacturing since 1950s

Mueller Opladen Gmbh has a long-lasting history on CNC profile cutting machines for metal round pipes, rectangular pipe, H-beams, U-beams, L-beams and other beam types. In the 1950’s the company sold the first oxy-fuel profile cutting machine for pipes from this early stage the company Mueller Opladen is focusing on high quality machinery that are reliable and trustworthy in your pipe fabrication factory.

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Mueller Opladen GmbH manufacturers and engineers  CNC profiling cutting machinery  that you could rely on as an operator or as an end user. The machines are built in such a way that they are could be used for continuous production. Contact Mueller Opladen for your profile cutting machine request

Please inform in your profile cutting request what kind of diameters range and the wall thickness you have.

compact series for pipe profiling

Mueller offers the  MO-Compact  machine series for pipe profiling in the diameter range up to outside diameter range 36 inches (914 mm).

These  MO-Compact profile cutting machines  are economical price wise and have less axis than the classic and heavy-duty machines. But for a good advice which machine suits your needs best contact our sales team on

All  profile cutting machines  can be programmed with already available profile cutting macros or with the aid of our software for CAD / CAM. Otherwise it is possible to use freely programmable software architecture that facilitates the autonomous generation of the cutting profiles offline with the use of CAD / CAM.

If you have any question if your engineering drawings could be uploaded and cutted by our CNC profile cutting machines contact us directly on

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Our CNC Pipe profile cutting machines: MO-Compact series

The MO-Compact series offers our most basic stationary for CNC pipe profile cutting, but this does not mean that these basic machines are not capable of doing the profile cutting job.

The  MO-Compact machines  are all equipped with 6 CNC axes for round pipes and the compact series could be equipped with both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. For plasma cutting Kjellberg and Hypertherm are offered as plasma profile cutting system.

This machine series are offered in 4 different machine types with each one a different diameter range, the  MO-Compact-400  is the smallest machine that goes up to 400 mm diameter (16 inch) and the  MO-Compact 900  is the largest machine profile cutting machine of this series it could cut profiles on pipes up to 914 mm diameter (36 inch)

MO-Compact pipe profile cutting machine ine

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If you want your steel pipes to be saddle cutted or profiled with a miter cut or miter joint than a profile cutting machine could be the perfect fit. Profile cutting is in fact cutting shapes and contours in steel material, because of the shape of the pipe and the shapes of the contours that needs to be cutted a 3D profile cutting process is required.

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We are offering up to 9 axis CNC controlled machines for your pipe profile cutting process, the machine range goes from OD 2 ”to 160” in different machine models. Go to this dedicated webpage to get an overview on the different machine models that we have available.

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mueller opladen pipe profiling machinery
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