With our robotic plasma cutting machine we offer the steel construction market a great machine for 3D plasma cutting different kinds of structural steel such as beams and other steel profiles.

Müller Opladen is for more than 65 years already engineering and manufacturing 3D profile cutting machines. The first machines were cutting steel with oxyfuel cutting, later on we also developed the robotic plasma cutting machines for structural steel and separate machines for round workpieces.

With the 65 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing stationary 3D profiling machines Müller Opladen is the right partner for your structural steel robotic plasma cutting machine request. Visit the website of the MO ROBO 1200 about this machine.

Contact the sales team on mail@mueller-opladen.de for information, questions or just a quotation on this machine and we will contact you shortly.

The robotic production line MO ROBO 1200 that Müller Opladen is offering is able to plasma cut workpieces with a web with of up to 1220 mm. The sales team of Müller Opladen can advise on the different conventional and high-definition plasma systems that we are offering from both Kjellberg and Hypertherm. We have a standard layout of the MO ROBO 1200 with a 12-meter infeed conveyor and length measuring conveyor, the robotic cell with the KUKA robot for profile cutting and an outfeed conveyor of 12 meters. But, based on the customers requirements we can adapt the two conveyors that come with this robotic plasma cutting machine.

Watch the video of the MO ROBO 1200 to see the machine in action. You could send orders from your office to this machine in the factory over a LAN connection. This means that the engineered profile cuts in an CAD drawing could be uploaded to the machine with our CAD / CAM integration. With this robotic plasma cutting machine we can work with TEKLA and other programs like Autocad or inventor amongst others.

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3D robotic plasma cutting

The plasma robot from Müller Opladen is engineered and developed to profile cut different kinds of structural steel workpiece and shapes by plasma. From the start of the development of our robotic plasma cutting machine we teamed up with robot manufacture Kuka to create an accurate and reliable robotic cell that is having a high output but is also accurate.

We are offering the MO ROBO 1200 as standard plasma robot for workpiece dimensions up to 1220 mm web width. With this machine we can still adapt to the end customers application. The base machine is standard able to 3D profile cut H-beam, I-beam, T-beam, U-channels and L-channels but on request and at extra costs we can offer square and rectangular pipe and round pipe as well. As a machine manufacturer we are really flexible and willing to quote a machine that suits your requirement. On the different plasma options from Hypertherm or Kjellberg we can advise you as well to see what is most suiting the application.

Contact us on mail@mueller-opladen.de for a quotation or questions and our sales team will contact you shortly.robotic machine for steel beams coping

On our robotic profile cutting machine we have a built-in plasma cutter torch to do 3D profile cutting of steel workpieces. This machine is manufactured by Müller Opladen that is in the 3D profiling cutting industry for more than 65 years. Visit our website for more information about all our different kinds stationary 3D profile cutting machines.

Müller Opladen is offering the MO ROBO 1200 this is a robotic plasma cutter machine that is able to do different kinds of beams such as H-Beam, T-Beam and I-Beam. Besides that, the machine can do U-channels and L-channels as well. At extra costs we could equip the machine to do square and rectangular shaped pipe and also round pipes.

Contact us on mail@mueller-opladen.de for more information and advise on this robotic plasma cutter machine.

For the steel construction industry Müller Opladen developed a robotic plasma cutting machine for workpiece dimensions up to 1220 mm web width, this robotic machine is a Kuka robot we have installed in a robotic cell with infeed and outfeed conveyor to it to be able to reach a high output.

The Kuka robot is hanging top down from a gantry the robot has 6 CNC axis and the gantry provides us another 2 CNC axis with these 8 CNC axis we are able to cut in the MO ROBO 1200 and the MO ROBO 600 different workpiece shapes. Visit our dedicated website for these robots.

The Kuka robot is offering us the high output but also the repeating accuracy during the cutting process of profile coping the different kinds of beams, channels and other steel profiles. Optionally we can offer even square and rectangular shapes pipe and round pipe to this machine.

We offer this robotic plasma cutting machine with conventional and high-definition plasma systems from both Hypertherm and Kjellberg.

Contact us for your inquiries on this machine on mail@mueller-opladen.de

For robotic beam cutting we offer a machine that 3D cuts the beams with plasma, go to our dedicated website from the MO ROBO 1200 to read more information about the machine specification and so see the machine in action on the video.

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