We offer a socket welding solution in a stationary machine and a rotating chuck with a welding torch on top. This is what we call a orbital welding or circumferencial welding solution. Many these are used for round shaped steel for example pipes or tubes that needs to be welded to another part that could rotate. 

Visit the website of Mueller Opladen where we explain about the different automatic circumferencial seam welding and column and boom welding machines that you could used for socket welding.

Mueller Opladen offers state of the art stationary welding machines to weld socket or so-called fillet weld connection to eachother. Our most sold automatic welding machine for orbital welding round shaped steel is a circumferential welding machine in combination with a column and boom.

Please visit the webpage for our circumferential seam welding machine to see more technical information and videos about this machine, on this webpage you could also see more pictures and technical information. From that webpage you could also contact us for advice and quotations.

Alternatively, you could visit our part of the website that tells you more information about our column and boom welding systems.

socket welding machine
orbital welding machine