Tube profiler machines for 3D profiling steel tube and pipe

Our  Compact series  is one of our tube profiler machine series, these profile cutting machines are covering tube diameters from 50 to 914 mm (2 ”to 36”)

The tube profiler machines that we offer are cutting the steel with thermal cutting process such as plasma cutting and oxyfuel cutting.

Our company is having the expertise of thermal cutting processes since the 1950s. visit our  website  for different tube profiler and pipe profiler machines that are cnc controlled.

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tube and pipe profiling machine

Please watch this CNC tube profiler machine video to see our machine in operation.

In addition to our compact serie machines we also offer other cnc tube profiler machines for more complex 3D profile cutting these are our Classic series , these machines have standard oxyfuel and plasma cutting and could be equipped with  MOCAM software  to upload your CAD files and to edit or amend the profile cuts based on your request, in this software is also a nesting module to see if the branch pipe that you will be cutting also connects smoothly to the mother pipe with the hole in it.

visit the Mueller Opladen website to find more technical information, pictures and videos on the 3D tube profiler machines.

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3D pipe profiling for pipe spool welding
mueller opladen pipe profiling machinery
flame cutting machine for profile cutting