Tube profiling machines for 3D profile cutting from Mueller Opladen

For tube profiling we offer a stationary CNC machine that enables you to profile cut with 6 axis your profile cuts such as saddle cuts, mitter cuts, miter cuts, lobster back, elbow saddle and reinforcement pad this our  Compact series .

In the machines that  Mueller Opladen  offers for tube profiling there is a standard package of cutting profiles being uploaded as macro’s in the Corobs software of the machine. Additionally, other macros could be added to the  tube profiling machine  software to be able to cut also other tube profiles.

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CNC tube profiling  is in fact profiling the pipe by a thermal cutting process such as autogenous, oxy-fuel or plasma. This process is cutting the steel by a process where the 3D multiple axis robotic arm of the machine is able to cut complex profiles because of the different axis that the machine has.

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tube and pipe profiling machine

3D tube profiling machines

There are several stationary CNC machines series for tube profiling at Mueller Opladen. The  compact series  machines are for tube profiling in the diameter range of 50 to 914 mm (2 ”to 36”) these machines have 6 cnc axis controlled over the Corobs CNC software.

The  Watts Series  machines are tube profiling machines manufactured at our company in Seattle (USA) these are similar to the compact series.

A machine series that is more advanced than the Compact and the Watts series because it has more CNC axis is the  Classic series for cnc tube profiling .

The  Heavy duty series  is similar again to the Classic series but this machine range is more for large diameter pipe profiling in the range from 1200 mm up to 4000 mm (48 ”to 160”).

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