Watts-Mueller und Mueller Opladen announce new 3D software for CNC Machine Fabrication at FABTECH 2019

Following the successful merger of Watts and Mueller Opladen, we are proud to announce our new and improved machine controls and software tools at FABTECH 2019. We are utilizing the proven technologies of Mueller and integrating them into the Watts machines to radically improve the system functions, features, performance and reliability. Our advanced machinery cuts and marks many shapes including round pipes, square pipes, H-beam, I-beam, c-channels, angle iron, domes, etc. We have also integrated Dome and Pipe cutting in the same machine.

The advanced and modern software tools contain a Full CAD System for detailing cutting information driven by AutoDesk AutoCAD OEM. Utilizing this integrated and powerful software platform enables us to connect to more 3D modeling packages than ever before. Additionally, the new software includes the data for air scribing, writing on the pipe, and footprint marking directly exported out of the detailing CAD system.

This new and improved technology will be integrated on all our new machines and available for many of our customers with machines already in production.

We invite you to visit us in Chicago at the FABTECH EXPO in Booth #B35056.