MO Robo plasma cuts H-beam, I-beam and T-beams and U-channel and L-channels.

The MO Robo is a 3D robotic beam coping machine that profile cuts with a plasma source from Kjellberg or Hypertherm.

The MO Robo series covers robot-controlled machines that are mainly intended for the comprehensive cutting of beams (H, U, L and I). Beams can be cut up to a web width of 1,220  mm and up to a weight of 12 metric tons. The machine is designed as a robotic beam coping machine for 3d profile cutting also other square and rectangular steel workpieces. The maximum dimensions can be seen in the table of technical data.

If the various workpieces – beams and channels – are to be profile cut with the plasma, the machines are equipped with 6 + 2 CNC-controlled axes. The workpieces are loaded onto the beam cutting bed by a crane. Alternatively, we can also supply the  machine exclusively for beams with a cutting cell and automated infeed and outfeed.

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MO-Robo 1200, 3D beam coping machine

with 6 +2 CNC axes for beams with a maximum width of 1,220 mm  it is cutting with a plasma cutting process , fixed chuck, beam cutting bed and height-adjustable, scissor-type pipe carriages. In fact this machine is a production line for cutting beams with infeed conveyor the robot itself and an outfeed conveyor for the cutting parts. Contact us to check if we can also cut your profiles.

MO-Robo 600, 3D beam coping machine

with 6 +2 CNC axes for beams with a maximum width of 610 mm, for square & rectangular pipes with a maximum size of 420 x 420 mm and for round pipes with a maximum diameter of 1,000 mm inclusive of plasma cutting system, height-adjustable chuck and motorized conveyors for infeed, cutting and outfeed. 



Technical information /
Machine series:
 MO 600 Robo MO 1200 Robo
Weight of standard machine in kg: 12.000 16.000
Number of CNC axes: 7-9 7-9
Max. workpiece weight in kg: 8.000 12.000
Min. - max. clampable round pipe diameter in mm: 50 - 610 50 - 1.220
Max. size of chuck opening in mm: 400 650
Min. - max. clampable square & rectangular pipes dimension in mm:

100 x 100 /
240 x 240
 100 x 100 /
420 x 420
Min. - max. clampable beams width in mm: 50 - 600 100 - 1200
Min. - max. clampable diameter for dished ends in mm: - -
Min. - max. cuttable workpiece length in mm: * 300 - 12.000 300 - 12.000
Min. - max. wall thickness in mm for cutting with oxy-fuel /plasma in mm: * 5-120 / 1-80 5-120 / 1-80
Max. torch angle in: ° +/- 70 / 45 +/- 70 / 45

* With torch in vertical position

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