3D profile cutting technology with CAD/CAM-controlled CNC equipment

Everything from single units to complete pipe logistics from a single source

Our thermal 3D profile cutting machines are available in the MO Compact, MO Classic, MO Heavy-Duty and MO Robo series. The machines of the MO Compact, MO Classic, MO Heavy-Duty series intended essentially for round pipes operate with macro-controlled software. This means that the machines can be quickly programmed online, offline or via CAD/CAM modules for the profiles to be cut with the aid of already available cutting macros.

The machines of the MO Robo series designed mainly for beams have a freely programmable software architecture that facilitates the autonomous generation of the cutting profiles offline with the use of CAD/CAM modules.

Plasma and oxy-fuel are available as cutting processes. The main differences between the various series can be seen from the table on the opposite page.

The CNC axes are as follows:

  1. Rotation of the workpiece inside the chuck system (Y-axis)
  2. Longitudinal movement of the cutting head along the workpiece axis (X-axis)
  3. Oscillatory movement of the cutting head (B-axis)
  4. Rotation of the cutting head (C-axis)
  5. Height adjustment of the cutting head by a measuring system in the event of surface deviations of the workpiece (Z-axis)
  6. Torch distance correction in relation to the cutting angle during the cutting process (W-axis)
  7. Transverse movement of the cutting head at 90° to the workpiece axis (V-axis)
Technical data:MO CompactWattsMO ClassicMO
MO Robo
Application fields:Workshops/construction sitesIndustryIndustryIndustryIndustry
Transportability:Transportable, stationaryStationaryStationaryStationaryStationary
Maximum pipe length in mm:12,00018,00024,00024,00012,000
Maximum pipe weight in kg:4,00012,00020,00040,00012,000
Minimum cuttable pipe diameter in mm:504050*/8020050/80
Maximum cuttable pipe diameter in mm:9141,2202,0324,0641,220
Maximum load of pipe carriage in kg:2,500-7,50015,0007,500
Round pipe cuttability:xxxxx
Cuttability of cones:--xx-
Square & rectangular pipe cuttability:--x-x
Beam cuttability:----x
Dished end cuttability:--xx-
Cutting area behind chuck:--xxx
Automatic workpiece logistics:-xxx**x
Maximum number of CNC axes:64+2769
Drive design of CNC axes:StandardStandardHigh dynamicsHigh dynamicsHigh dynamics
Pipe tracing:ElectromechanicalElectromechanicalElectromechanical, laserElectromechanical, laserElectromechanical
Torch carriage track construction:Column constructionFrame constructionColumn or floor constructionFloor constructionFloor construction
Mobile operator’s platform:--xx-
Height-adjustable operator’s platform:---x-
Torch guidance system:Azimuth torch headParallelogram torch headMP torch headMP torch headRobot torch head
Oxy-fuel cutting:xxxxx
Maximum cuttable wall thickness, oxy-fuel, in mm:6090150180120
Maximum torch tilt angle, oxy-fuel, in °:6070707070
Omniflow automatic gas control system:--xxx
Plasma cutting:xxxxx
High-definition plasma cutting:-xxxx
Minimum cuttable wall thickness, plasma, in mm:12111
Maximum cuttable wall thickness, plasma, in mm:3580808080
Maximum torch tilt angle, plasma, in °:4545454545
Machine/plasma system communication interface:xxxxx
Cutting angle correction:xxxx-
Start-position optimization:xxxx-
Joint compensation:xxxx-
Automatic piercing and piercing optimization:xxxx-
Library of standard cutting macros:xxxx-
Library of special cutting macros:-xxx-
Freely programmable software architecture:--xxx
Work scheduling software:xxxx-
Nesting software:xxxxx
CAD/CAM software:xxxxx
Plasma marking system:-xxxx
Airscriber lettering and/or marking system:x-xxx
Inkjet lettering and/or marking system:--xxx
Label printing system:xxxx-

* Applicable to machines with a pipe diameter of up to 1,220 mm
** Only applicable to machines with a pipe diameter of up to 2,032 mm

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