Müller Opladen manufactures and engineers 3D profile cutting machines, 3D coping machines, 3D cutting machines for 3D cutting with plasma and oxyfuel steelwork pieces for a variety of fabrication and construction activities.

The machines that Müller Opladen / Mueller Opladen offers for plasma cutting and oxyfuel cutting are engineered and manufactured for 3D cutting activities on tubes, pipes, pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers, vessels, tanks, tubular towers, dished ends, vessel heads and domes .

Our machines have at least 6 CNC axis to do the 3D cutting and to adapt on any deviation that we encounter during the probing stage before cutting, this probing phase tells the CNC system how to perform the profile cutting or so called coping on the workpiece. 6 CNC axis are required to have enough axis to adapt on deviations and eccentricity in the workpieces and still get a perfect smooth cut for further fabrication activities in the factory.

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With our 3D cutting machines for coping of steel we offer a wide range of markets, namely:

  • Offshore plant construction

  • Mechanical contracting and process plant engineering

  • Wind turbine construction

  • Steel construction

  • Pressure vessel construction and 

  • Heat exchanger construction

  • Skid fabrication 

  • Shipbuilding industry

  • Offshore platforms and jackets

  • General plant and equipment engineering

  • Transportation equipment 

  • pipe line construction

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