Mueller Opladen is manufacturing stationary high productive 3D plasma beam cutting machines where the beams are profile cut by a Kuka robot with 6 + 2 CNC axis. 

The production line exists of an wide infeed conveyor with lenght measuring device, a closed cutting cell with the robot and an out feed conveyor. This beam cutting machine we have for different widths of beams the MO 600 ROBO goes up to 610 mm web width and the MO 1200 ROBO goes up to 1220 mm web width.

We advise you about the different Hypertherm or Kjellberg plasma sources we can offer you for this machine. Please contact us by sending us an email with the information about the kind of sizes, thicknesses and lengths you want to be able to plasma cut and we contact you for a suitable solution.

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Beam coping machine

With our MO-ROBO beam cutting machine you can upload your CAD file an send it straight from the office to the machine over a LAN connection the machine knows what to profile cut and to mark according to the drawing.

we offer the MO-ROBO beam cutter machine in a model up to 610 mm size and 1220 mm size for H-Beam, T-Beam, I-beam and U and L channels.

Watch the video for the MO-ROBO 1200 by clicking this link

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3d cutting beams

The 3D cutting machine that we offer for cutting different kinds of beams such as H-Beams, I-Beams and T-beams is also able to 3D cut with plasma U-channels and L-channels. go to the dedicated webpage of the MO-ROBO to get more information and to watch the video of the machine.

If you have different kinds of steel workpieces we are able to discuss the possibilities over the phone since we are constant developing our machines and we are getting different requests for these machines from all over the world.

Call us on +49-2171766230 to ask for more information about the workpieces the MO-ROBO can cut.

we offer the MO-ROBO in a machine up to 610 mm workpiece width and in a machine up to 1220 mm workpiece width. we have different options plasma sources and we can together come with you to an solution how to provide the logistics around the machine of course.

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3d plasma profile cutting machine for beams and steel profiles

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