Latest News

1. October 2019

Made with Müller Opladen – Gigantic water jet cutting machine splits car in 15 seconds

17. September 2019

In the production of filter housings – Two welding torches double the productivity

3. September 2019

Competencies bundled for more efficiency

31. July 2019

The Key to 10-fold boost of productivity – Processing pipes, tanks and dished ends on a single machine

17. July 2019

Delivery dates, quality standards and costs under control

9. July 2019

Customized welding system with short realization time

28. June 2019

MO cutting machine reduces production time from 2 days to just 6 hours

8. May 2019

The Latest Customer Story O’Cain Inc. – MuellerOpladen machine for complicated cuts

22. October 2018

The Latest Customer Story: Eferest GmbH

11. April 2018

MÜLLER OPLADEN Extends its Profile Cutting Machines

11. April 2018

MO Compact – Entry Models for Pipe Profile Cutting Technology

11. April 2018

US Corporation orders State of the Art Profile Cutting System

18. September 2017

Focus on Industry 4.0: Extended software for pipe profile cutting machines

18. September 2017

What’s new from MÜLLER OPLADEN at Schweissen & Schneiden 2017

18. September 2017

Special application: Welding system for rotationally symmetrical parts

18. September 2017

New pipe flange welding system for automated production lines

22. May 2017

A special customer story in 3D profile cutting

22. May 2017

Development of pioneering technology in 3D pipe profile cutting

22. May 2017

News from MÜLLER OPLADEN: Strategic partner of Watts Specialties in the USA

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