Müller Opladen becomes part of Voortman Group

As of January 1, 2023, Müller Opladen GmbH has become a part of Voortman Steel Machinery, a internationally renowned manufacturer of CNC steel processing machines and software solutions. This acquisition brings about an expansion of Voortman’s product lineup, as we at Müller bring with us expertise in manufacturing cutting machines for pipes, pressure vessels, and structural steel.

We are thrilled to be joining forces with Voortman as we believe this integration will enable us to improve our offerings significantly. The acquisition strengthens Voortman’s position in the growing offshore & energy, and process equipment markets and allows it to expand its portfolio to include pipe processing technology. With the merger, we are confident that our valuable knowledge and experience will be instrumental in driving the growth of Voortman as it moves forward. In Mark Voortman’s (CEO) words, “The integration of Müller Opladen is an essential move in meeting the needs of both new and existing customers and offering a complete portfolio for profile, plate, and pipe processing. We are excited to welcome Müller Opladen to the Voortman family and are looking forward to jointly creating new business opportunities and driving future growth.”

About Voortman Steel Machinery
Voortman is a high-end manufacturer of steel processing machinery and innovative software solutions for over 50 years. What started with the production of beam processing machines, followed by plate processing machines, has now evolved to the next step: introducing pipe processing machines. With a passion to build success and create products that provide real solutions for various steel processing industries, automation, quality, and customer service are primary values in this family-owned company.  

An immediate benefit for our customers
Effective immediately, customers are going to benefit from this acquisition. Ralf Hamacher, Managing Director of Müller Opladen GmbH, states: “We’re proud to be part of a very successful and professional international organization as Voortman. What’s more, starting today, customers of Müller Opladen can take advantage of Voortman’s well-known international network for customer support and consumables. The acquisition will reinforce our respective markets and deliver more benefits to our valued customers. We are excited to join the Voortman family and look forward to creating new business opportunities and driving future growth together. The words of Mark Voortman accurately reflect our own sentiments, and we cannot wait to move forward.”

Thank you for being a valued customer or business partner. We appreciate our partnership over the years. We are excited to combine our growth with yours and provide you, our valued customer, with an even broader range of solutions. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued trust in our services.

Mark Voortman
CEO Voortman Steel Machinery

Ralf Hamacher
Managing Director
Müller Opladen GmbH